Baby Stuff I Super Love!

I have very few baby boy items left from when Payson was a baby because we gave them away over the last few years! This meant some serious online shopping when we found out we were having another boy!

The things in this post are my old favorites and a couple of new ones!
I included links to the actual websites I bought these things at. I don’t make money off these links and I certainly don’t want anyone to click or buy anywhere they don’t research first. While I got all these items in the mail just fine I’d recommend trying to find as many items as you can through or in store to avoid any problems with online shopping.
I’m just saying that because though it all worked out for me I don’t want anyone complaining to me if something “bad” happens by purchasing through these links!!

#1 Aden and Anais Paparazzi Muslin Swaddle Blankets $49.95 at
One of my all time favorite baby items ever. Swaddling blankets. In my opinion, Aden and Anais are the best best best.
They’re crazy expensive (seriously $50 for four thin, muslin blankets?!) but I buy a pack because… they are the best best best!! I use them constantly!
 photo baby8_zps02d01852.jpg

#2 Boppy Nursing Pillow in Thimbleberry for $44.99 at
Next up, a boppy! I don’t know how I’d get through breastfeeding as well as I do without a boppy! I bought a new boppy this time around because I found out that they’d made a new version that looked so much better than the old one! This new boppy goes up higher and is more firm so baby stays in place. I’ve heard it’s great for newborns. Hopefully it’s as good as I’m hoping it to be!
 photo baby2_zps6f8e7975.jpg

#3 Modern Moby Wrap in Ballet for $47.95 at
My MUSTMUSTMUST have baby item. Besides diapers and clothes this is the only other thing that I could NOT live without during the first three months. It would be a horrible experience, for me, to go through the infant phase without a wrap. I went with Moby again since it worked so well when Payson was a newborn and because at $47.95 it’s a total steal! (I went with pink this time even though I’m having a boy because… I’m the one wearing it and I really like pink! ha)
 photo baby3_zps9e940a59.jpg

#4 Kissaluvs Fitted Cloth Diapers for $13.95 each at and
Kissaluvs Wool Diaper Cover for $30.47 each at
Cloth diapers! I’m going to try cloth diapering this baby. Hopefully he is like Sierra and Payson who benefitted from cloth. Poor Ember had bad reactions to our cloth diapers. She did fine with plain old prefolds but, it’s just been easier (and rash-less) to use disposables with her.  photo baby5_zps220a4e14.jpg

#5 Mod Swad baby swaddle gown and
Mod Swad Bamboo sleeper
I am loving the brand Mod Swad but they are pricey. I did not buy mine on Amazon! I think I bought mine for $10 cheaper than the Amazon price. But I also paid shipping so… maybe it all evens out?
I bought mine on I’m sure the brand will come back on there eventually and you can save a lot.
I’m just in love with the idea of this knotted bottom on the sleepers/swaddles. How awesome is that?! You can totally adjust the length of it and since my babies tend to be longer than average, I love that!
 photo baby6_zps2b813819.jpg

#6 Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle Swing for $139.99 at Babies “R” Us
I’d like to not rely on things like swings or bouncy chairs but truth is, they are a lifesaver! My all time favorite is this bunny swing from babies r us!
 photo baby10_zps55e0c8dc.jpg

#7 Project Life Core Kit- Baby Edition for $29.99 at and
We R Memory Keepers Classic Leather 12 by 12 Binder
One of the first things I buy when I find out I’m pregnant is a baby book. I go with gender neutral so I can start filling it out during the first half of my pregnancy. If I wait to record pregnancy stuff, I forget; I have such a crap memory!
This pregnancy I splurged and went with Becky Higgin’s project life baby edition instead of a regular baby book. I’m excited to try this out. Go to her blog for more info, I’m too lazy to explain more 😉
 photo baby12_zpsd410773d.jpg

#8 Shea Moisture Body Wash and
Johnson’s Vanilla Oatmeal Baby Wash
Baby soap is a must! My favorite is the shea moisture one. If I can’t get it at the stores nearby (which happens often) I’ll go with the Johnson’s and Johnson’s Vanilla Oatmeal baby wash. I like the smell of both of those and I’m sorta picky about how my babies smell! hee (My other kids and I use these soaps, too!!)
 photo baby11_zpsb0350967.jpg

#9 Wubbanub Giraffe for $13.05 at
This item I heard about on another blog and had to get one! Ember never took a binky (nor did Brooklyn) and I have to say, as much as some people hate binkies, I am a BIG fan of having another way to soothe baby than my boobies!! This little toy seems like it would make it easier to find the binky and keep the binky in baby’s mouth!  photo baby9_zps4930f996.jpg

#10 State Shaped Wooden Teether for $12 at LittleSaplingToys on and
Natural Wooden Baby Toy Set for $19.50 at QualityMontessori on
Speaking of toys, these next two are wooden toys/teethers I bought on etsy. I love the idea of being able to support American made products 🙂
 photo baby4_zpsd57bc900.jpg photo baby1_zps43b9f7d3.jpg

#11 Purple Original Ergo Carrier for $115 at
The last item is my ergo. Once baby gets to be about three months old, I love the ease of the ergo! I wore Ember in hers up until she was two. She still fits in it but that girl wants to walk everywhere and would be pretty annoyed with me trying it now!
 photo baby7_zps81cceef6.jpg

Bonus, #12 (no picture)
Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump for $269.99 at Target
I didn’t grab a picture of my breast pump but I’ve used that thing more than I ever imagined I would! It has really saved me so much pain and grief during the several mastitis infections I had and a million other times when I was just plain old engorged and in pain and needed relief! (Like when baby is sick with a stuffy nose and doesn’t drink as much as normal!)

Man do I feel like one spoiled mama after looking through that list. I’m so thankful to have a variety of things to make life with an infant slightly easier. My babies tend to be very difficult so… I love any products that help with that!

Now that I listed all my favorite baby stuff I figured I’d switch gears to baby names!
I’ve been asked a few times about baby names Allan and I are thinking about. Since we’re having a boy we’ve only been discussing boy names lately. Before we found out the gender we’d already picked a girl name. We would’ve named a girl Lyla.
BOY names are crazy difficult for me! I don’t love anything except the name Everett (my favefavefave boy name) but we used it for Payson’s middle name! I’m bummed about that because we’d for sure name our new son that! I was even born in Everett, Washington and it’s been the only boy name I’ve felt connected to and loved my whole life. haha

So anyway, I will list the girl names I love along with the boy names we’re considering. Our boy names aren’t too unique or anything. (Well, a few of the ones Allan loves are a bit out there)

So, girl names we liked!
Lyla (Allan prefers the spelling Lilah)
Adelaide (loved this when pregnant with Ember, too!)
Lilian (Lily)
Ashlyn or Lakelyn (I can’t help it, we like names ending in lyn!)

Boy names we’re considering:
(I’m proud of myself from refraining to mention which names are on the list because I like them and which are on the list because Allan likes them. ha)
Everett (I can’t help but keep trying to convince Allan to use this name anyway! I’ve heard of kids sharing middle names)

Names we had on our maybe list at one point or another but are crossed off because one or the other of us hates them:
Everson (only because we love Everett and thought maybe it would measure up, but it doesn’t. ha)
Jacob (we both love it but it’s crazy common these days)

16 thoughts on “Baby Stuff I Super Love!

  • Have you guys considered Elam? I love that name. Congrats on your pregnancy and another little boy. Names are fun to figure out. 🙂

  • Why not use Everett as you love it! Doesn't matter that it's Payson's middle name. When we were expecting our son we thought we'd want to name him Julian. Instead we went with perhaps the most common name in the world, lol. Charles but we call him Charlie. There's so many of them around but it suits our son perfectly so I've gotten over it. Jacob is a great name too, it's my Godson's name. You could always pronounce it with the J as a Y (Yah cob) which would make it different from the American norm of saying Jay Cob 😉

  • My boys names

    Houston 😉
    Pierson which goes grace with payson

    jade 🙂

  • I can understand why you would want to use the name Everett I think its a lovely name definitely on my favourites list ! I have my sisters middle name, actually my name is my sisters name reversed. I have her middle name as my first name and my middle name is her first name. The only thing I'd recommend is if you use the name Everett just give him a different middle name. Also even if Everett is a place thats ok isn't there also a place called Payson? Jacob is nice but I agree with you 100% everyone has that name now! From the list I like Everett the best, then Isaac, Ryan, Gavin, Ryland tbh I've never heard of it before, but it sounds cool, Easton that sounds kind of cool. I also love love the girls named Lyla/Lilah that you picked out I could definitely picture a little girl in your family with that name it also goes well with Ember. I like the sound of the name Everett Ryan, or Everett Ryland 🙂

  • Love the baby names! A few of our girl names are the same. I Should have told you before, but if we have a boy, his name will be Everett. It is the only name we like and we agreed on it several months before I got pregnant. I had no idea it was Payson's middle name! I guess we have similar taste. :)I'm not sure if I have ever told you, but I seriously love all your nature names! You rock at naming kids. Good luck this week!!!;)

  • Hey not sure what insurance you have or how things work in AZ, but I had my baby in March, and I got my Medela paid for by my insurance company. I think that is part of this whole Obamacare thing that all insurance companies now cover breast pumps. I got a prescription for it in the hospital and they billed the insurance company. I only had to pay $80 for my brand new Medela. I know you said you bought yours already from target, but if you have your receipt, might be worth returning and getting it through the hospital you deliver at if it's cheaper????

  • Jenna, I was born in Everett, Washington and have wanted to use it as a baby name for basically *ever.* haha. I never thought I'd have another boy so I used it as Payson's middle name! (Allan named Payson)

  • Haha well I'm not saying you can't use Everett. Cousins with the same name are a common occurrence in the family so we would be following tradition LOL. Carter told me that he knows this baby is a girl, so maybe it is. We will know in a few weeks.

  • I second what Marja said. You should use the name you love even if it is Payson's middle name! Payson might actually think it's cool to have his baby brother share his name. I agree that Everett Ryland sounds great together. There is also a nice flow when you list your kids' names ending with …Ember & Everett. Looking forward to seeing what you and Allan decide upon!


  • I just had time to look through all your baby items in detail. I have some questions. Why do you like these swaddling blankets over others? I will be having a baby in cold weather so I wonder if the breathability would be a good thing or if I should opt for something warmer.

    I have only had one baby carrier ever (Eddie Bauer). It was so awkward and difficult to put on that I barely ever used it. Is ergo baby your favorite carrier? Is it easy to use? What do you like about it? Have you tried the infant insert? Could that replace a Moby Wrap?

    Also, I am very interested in the Moby Wrap, but I am worried that the baby would become too dependent and attached if I wore them all the time. I want them to be able to spend time away from my body and be okay. That being said, that attitude may be a bit idealistic. It probably depends on the baby. Carter would never go for the independent thing. he would never stop crying unless I was holding him. I have a bad back. What method do you recommend for carrying my baby?

  • Hey Jenna, I have those Aden and Anais swaddle blankets in pink colors. If you're having a girl I'll send them to you!
    I prefer them because they are so thin and way more stretchy and way longer than any other blankets I've tried. You can wrap the baby up super tight and have the ends of the blanket well tucked in. Other blankets I've tried always came untucked at some time or another with baby wiggling. You can even TIE the ends of the blanket for a more secure swaddle because the blanket is that long! My babies sleep much better with a tight swaddle when they're newborns.
    My baby will be born in the snowy weather, too, so I will wrap another warm blanket around him in addition to the swaddle. Those swaddle blankets don't add hardly anything for warmth. They're definitely just for swaddles.

    As far as carriers go. When Brooklyn and Sierra were babies I used an Eddie Bauer, a Snuggli, and tried a Baby Bjorn, too and HATED them all. The Snuggli was by far the worst but the others weren't much better. I have a really bad back, too. I get 100% crippled from pain where I can't even move an inch at least a few times after I have a baby and am in constant pain the rest of the time.
    The pain goes down through my hips and is misery, so I definitely know exactly why you'd not want a baby dependent on a carrier!

    As far as back pain goes, the Moby and the Ergo have been best for me and that's why I love them! If I only had to choose one I'd go with an Ergo because it's so versatile (easy to put on and lasts up until a baby is a toddler if you want to carry them that long) the Moby Wrap really stops being useful, for my fat babies, when they're about three months old.

    The only thing I do really prefer about the Moby is I can wear the baby in it while cooking or cleaning or just walking and he falls asleep and since the Moby is so soft and conformed to my body I can then sit down and the baby stays asleep! It was super comfy for baby *and* super comfy for me! Back when Payson was a newborn with colic the *only* time I ever had to blog or look up something online was while he was strapped to my chest asleep in his Moby. It was the only thing that got him to sleep and the only thing that gave me those few minutes every day where he wasn't screaming.

    And… since it's as soft as a blanket I can also lean over a bed and untie the wrap and the baby stays asleep on top of the Moby Wrap.

    I could, on occasion, lower Ember onto a bed (or the couch) in the ergo and unsnap it and she'd stay asleep but since it's a firm carrier she wouldn't sleep as long and snuggly as she did in a wrap. Sleeping on top of a rigid carrier isn't very soothing. haha

    As far as dependent goes, I'm probably not the right person to ask. I just use what works to make baby happy. If they want to be worn all the time or breastfed all the time or have a pacifier until they're three, or sleep with me all the time, I let them. haha

  • Thanks so much for all the info! As far as I'm concerned, you are the authority on baby wearing so I appreciate your patience with all my questions. Maybe if I had two hands and a little back support, I would not mind holding my babies all the time. I am trying to not get a swing and a lot of other things this time cause we are trying to cut costs, but I think I like the idea of a wrap and or carrier sounds like a good change of pace. My babies are also very difficult the first year, so this time I need to try something different. My babies are only 16-19 lbs by 12 months, so I wonder if I could get away with a wrap for longer?

  • Yes definitely, weight makes a huge difference!

    I know Payson was around 20 pounds at 4 months old and I still wore him in the Moby Wrap at that age (but it did get loose frequently so I'd have to tighten it every ten or twenty minutes) so you might be able to use it the entire first year of your baby's life!

  • So in that case would you reccomend a wrap over a carrier if I had to choose or are there benefits of a carrier I would be missing? I just wish I could try one before I buy. Do you get hot in all that fabric?

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