Monsters University!

I usually wouldn’t take my kids to the movies twice in one week, but when we went a couple of days ago we saw that Monsters University was coming out today and Sierra asked if we could go see it the day it was released so I said, yes.
 photo 002eresized_zps0b51185d.jpg

Ember insisted on wearing boots today. Then Sierra insisted that she be allowed to wear hers. I didn’t like the idea since it’s too hot out but, I wasn’t going to argue with them over it. So they wore boots. And complained about them all afternoon 😛  photo 007eresized_zps74bafe02.jpg

We stopped at JCPenney to look for newborn gowns. All I have left to buy, newborn gowns are proving super difficult to find because I’m picky in what I’m looking for. I can find a million options online for like $20-$30 each. haha. But, I want something natural, preferrably organic, with no cartoon animals/vehicles on it, for under $20! Too much to ask for?? (okay, okay, I actually want it for under $15! I know I’m pretty much out of luck with that price range!)  photo 012eresized_zpsbc04729f.jpg photo 016eresized_zps29e62125.jpg

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