The Last Couple of Days

Monday or Tuesday I was in my bathroom getting ready to go out on an errand with the three younger kids. I had just put in earrings and was moving on to do my makeup.
Ember was in the bathroom with me, as she always is, and picked up a package of earrings (I keep mine on the cardboard thing they come on since I don’t have a jewelry box) and says, “I want to wear earrings, too!”
I said something back like, you like earrings baby girl? (Just a generic response that meant I heard her but was busy, haha!)
So I continue to do my makeup and thirty seconds or a minute later she says, “Mommy, I have earrings now!” I turned to look at her ears, thinking maybe she took one of the big hoop earrings and dangled it from her ear, but could see nothing. I was about to turn around when she said again, “I have earrings like Sierra!”
She was so happy and holding her ear out at such an angle that I knelt down to get a closer look. Sure enough, *in* her ear was one of my stud earrings! I took it out (and the one in the other side) and told her that those were pokey earrings that could hurt her. (I didn’t want her sticking those in her ears ever again!!) I asked her if she wanted some little girl earrings and she hopped up and down and said, “Yes, yes, yes, yes!”

I grabbed some stickers from my art box and stuck them to her ears. Back when Sierra wanted to wear earrings but had no open holes in her ears I’d use those gem scrapbooking stickers and she loved those. This was sorta the same. Ember walked carefully out of my closet (where I’d put them on her) and looked in my bathroom mirror. She tilted her head this way and that and admired her new purple smiley face earrings.

And wouldn’t you know she kept those suckers on for two full days!  photo 003eresized_zps77fbf1e4.jpg

I can’t figure out why she looks so pouty above. She was thrilled to be wearing earrings and excited that I was taking her picture. My best guess is she was concentrating really hard. lol  photo 005eresized_zps47dcb5b7.jpg photo 008eresized_zps480ecd49.jpg

We went to McDonald’s this week. Not for the food, though we did eat, but for the playplace! I didn’t take pictures in the playplace area. The kids that were playing around my kids were little heathens so I took my kids home a little bit earlier than I normally would’ve. (Highlights included a 6 year old boy hitting Ember, for no reason, and two brothers swearing a lot)  photo 010eresized_zpsf30a9bcf.jpg

So while we were waiting for our food Sierra got ketchup for herself and Payson. I let Ember hold their powerade since she, surprisingly, does the best job of not spilling it.
A few seconds later Payson leans into Ember to drink from the cup in her hands. As he’s in the process of leaning down I start to say, (I was a couple feet away and hurried over there, too) “No, Payson… stop! Wait!”
But I was seconds too late and the ketchup in his hand went all over her shirt and he managed to open the drink in her hands with the pressure of leaning down. I could tell Ember was seconds from dropping the drink because he was leaning into her so much! Luckily I pulled him away and grabbed her drink in one motion to cut down on the potential messes happening before me. I was pretty ticked off, though! If he’d just listened and stopped he wouldn’t have spilled.
Payson doesn’t listen to a word I say. He seriously doesn’t even respond with a slight twitch. It’s literally like talking to a wall. It drives me absolutely nuts!

I quickly wiped the ketchup off her shirt with a napkin and then used a baby wipe to get as much off as I could.  photo 013eresized_zpsc65213d4.jpg

On a different day we stopped at our nearest (crappy) grocery store for some food because I was craving berries like freaking crazy and had run out. The kids liked this cactus statue-thing.  photo 019eresized_zps94d16ff8.jpg

Usually my kids are horrible as we walk through the parking lot back to the car but this day they were staying right by me and being really cute!  photo 026eresized_zps3bf4d2be.jpg photo 027eresized_zps061528a5.jpg

And the light was really pretty since the sun was starting to go down.
 photo 029eresized_zps840bcba9.jpg photo 030e2resized_zps8c09e5cd.jpg

Payson was being a goofball in the car.  photo 038eresized_zps008079a7.jpg

Sierra saw the attention Payson was getting so joined in.  photo 041eresized_zpse00c9df6.jpg

She actually got crazy after this picture, unbuckled to lean over the backseat toward me and started making weird faces. I have some pictures of that but she was moving around so sporadically that they’re blurry. And she looks weird in them. lol

I got home and started unloading the loot and could barely wait to eat. Of course it had been like 6 hours since I’d last eaten! haha  photo 061eresized_zpsdab9e415.jpg
Food highlights!!
-Salad! I can’t get enough salad!
-I bought caeser dressing because I love it way more than ranch.
-Pickles! cliche but, they really are so good during this pregnancy!
-The berries, of course!
-Tomatoes and croutons, to go on my salads.
-Treats. I’m usually a strictly chocolate girl but this pregnancy I don’t like chocolate at all! I mostly like sour candies or fruity candies. But not even that often, anyway.
-Up at the very top of the picture are two packages of spinach and cheese stuffed ravioli. They were $3 off! Surprisingly when I ate them I didn’t love them like I usually do. I just wanted more red meat 😛 (this red meat thing is probably the anemia! I need more iron)  photo 063eresized_zps298e4146.jpg photo 065eresized_zps5c7afa4a.jpg

After eating dinner we all went and played in the play room.  photo 071eresized_zpsffd8c045.jpg photo 074eresized_zps9126a354.jpg photo 076eresized_zps7e39af00.jpg photo 083eresized_zpsc87e5862.jpg

3 thoughts on “The Last Couple of Days

  • I love the idea of little stickers for Ember's ears. Plus, they're super cute and there's no worry about infection! 🙂
    Also, have you tried chlorophyll for the anemia? I bought the minty flavored stuff (still need to sweeten with Stevia, honey, or something…) and downed it at the end of my pregnancy and post-partum for a while. It helps your body absorb the iron you are ingesting.

  • Hi Ariana! In one of your blogs could you do a small names list with you current favourite boys and girls names. I love all of your kids names ! Especially Ember I have never heard of it until you named your daughter that its so beautiful and unique.

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