5 Months Along

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I haven’t done very well at documenting my pregnancy this time around.
When I found out I was pregnant (which was a huge shock, btw) I decided to do better at that and here I am five months in and have a small handful of really crappy (mostly iPod) belly pictures and nothing written down about anything to do with this pregnancy. Besides being super sick. I have that documented enough! haha. But in my complaining defense, this pregnancy has been my worst by far.
The second trimester has been really nice, though! I like the second trimester šŸ™‚  photo 016ceresized_zpsc3166496.jpg
A few little things about my pregnancy lately:
-I still crave meat. Meat, meat, meat, and more meat. I also love berries and salad!
-Round ligament pain started up this week.
-My sciatic nerve is acting up and my hip pops. It’s fun being old!
-My pelvic bone hurts like crazy, feels like my vagina is breaking.
-Acne! My least favorite thing about this pregnancy!
-I gained five pounds in the last month. I should probably lose five pounds instead :S
-Allergies. I’ve never had allergies but I have pretty severe allergies right now.
-Can not get comfortable while sleeping; this is not helped by Ember crawling into my bed at 3am and wanting to breastfeed.
-My red blood cell situation is poor.
-Lots of baby movement! šŸ™‚

So when I asked Allan to snap a couple of pictures of me (it never stops being awkward for me to ask for pictures of myself, which is why I pretty much never do it!) and he said he would, I had him and the kids help me decide where in the ugly desert I wanted to take the pictures. We settled on our front yard because it was shaded at that moment and looked less bleached and dead than everywhere else. And I got some cute pictures of them in the process šŸ™‚
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