Point and Shoot

I’m still breastfeeding Ember. I’m still wishing I wasn’t. She’s still probably wishing she can breastfeed until she goes to kindergarten 😛  photo 001eresized_zps4eed19c8.jpg

He comes up to me and says, “I am Batman.”  photo 026eresized_zps7c162176.jpg

Typical little boy, makes sure to regularly check that his junk is all still there.
 photo 029eresized_zpsf06f5eb0.jpg

She got new glasses and felt pretty snazzy.  photo 001eresized_zps49a9635a.jpg photo 002eresized_zpsab8f857c.jpg photo 008eresized_zps069c23e3.jpg photo 009eresized_zps5fc1676f.jpg

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