My Baby Has a Wiener!

So I had another ultrasound last week and it was confirmed that our baby is a boy!  photo BABYBOY_7eresized_zpsf89e9834.jpg

I actually went to an ultrasound place in Phoenix and it took me an hour to get there! It was scorching hot when I got in the car.  photo 095eresized_zps8906231e.jpg

When the ultrasound technician (is that what they’re called??) went in search of my baby’s private parts she settled on a great view and froze the screen to take a picture. She typed out, “It’s a Girl!” and oh was that a shock! I wouldn’t just believe it (especially having seen an earlier ultrasound which fairly clearly showed a boy) but there, clear as day, were three parallel lines right where the peepee goes! Those are the tell tale girl signs, you shouldn’t go by just the lack of boy parts šŸ˜‰

So I’m laying there in total shock and start crying. I’m like, I can’t believe I’m crying, I’m just so shocked because at an earlier ultrasound they were pretty sure it was a boy! And I didn’t want to say so on my blog but I was hoping for a girl. I just really, really love having girls! I adore Payson and his relationship with me is totally different (dare I say, better?) than with my girls, but I just looove girly stuff! haha

The ultrasound technician hears about this earlier ultrasound with a view of what had seemed like a penis and decides, hmm, maybe I’ll spend another fifteen minutes checking a thousand other views to make sure. I turn over from side to side, on my back, back to my side, back to my back. She takes another ten pictures. After a while the umbilical cord, which had been wrapped all around my baby’s legs, moves. And there is revealed, my baby’s penis!

The room is super quiet until the ultrasound tech says, “I’m so sorry I told you girl. There is his…”

She can’t say penis, I guess. Or wiener? She doesn’t the entire ultrasound but from several views points out “his…”

I’m experiencing major shock and confusion and huge emotional mood swings but since I thought it was a boy for the last month it’s easy to readjust back to that. I call Allan from the car to tell him that indeed, our baby is a boy. Sierra and Ember were with me. Sierra says she’s bummed because she wanted a girl. Ember, no matter how I try to tell her what’s going on, has exactly zero clue that there’s a baby joining our family this year. lol

I go home and tell Payson that we found out for sure he gets a brother! I’ve never seen him so excited in his life and I’m genuinely happy to be giving him something he’s wanted and begged for for the last few years. He talks nonstop about his brother. He hugs me every day (of course he’s always hugged me lots) but now makes sure to tell me, “Mom, I’m not hugging you right now, I’m hugging my brother.”

I spend two hours online the next day buying everything I need for baby #5. It’s a nice feeling to be ready for him this early in the pregnancy! haha

So that’s the story of finding out we’re having another son. As much as I wouldn’t mind having ten daughters, I am really excited for a boy. I’ve never had one tiny speck of doubt that I’ll adore/love/worship my baby (haha, I get so involved with my babies that my entire life revolves around them!) no matter what gender, but the longer I go knowing it’s a boy the more things that are better about having sons start to come to mind. I’d share specifics but, I’m sure I’ll get nasty comments about the generalizations I’m making šŸ˜‰

I’ll end this post with a couple more pictures of my baby’s privates. Because isn’t that exciting? No, not really, but I did want to share the image of what we thought were girl parts! (This wasn’t the good view of the three parallel lines but the only picture the woman included on my CD)  photo BABYBOY_5resized_zpsd957d26f.jpg

This was another angle with what looks like a wiener.  photo BABYBOY_13resized_zps08db0677.jpg

This next one was the first glimpse we got after the umbilical cord finally moved.  photo BABYBOY_6resized_zps0995c1e0.jpg

And here was the “winner” shot we got at the end and was at the beginning of this post!  photo BABYBOY_7eresized_zpsf89e9834.jpg

One thought on “My Baby Has a Wiener!

  • When I was pregnant with my first I wanted a daughter. I remember even thinking I'd be really upset if I didn't get a girl. We only thought we wanted one kid and I wanted a girl darn it! Luckily, I got one. Then we decided to have another and I didn't mind what we had as I already had my girl. We had a boy next. I have a better relationship with my son I think as boys are so much more simple than girls at least with my kids. If I had another I'd want another boy as the girlie dramatics drives me nuts. I'm glad I have one of each as I get the best of both worlds and they are so different yet so alike. I know it drives people nuts though when they hear someone wants a specific gender and we're all supposed to just say “I don't mind what I have so long as it's healthy”. Wanting a healthy child is a given. Nothing wrong with having a preference though over a boy or a girl. It's not about loving less/more. But I think as a parent we have these hopes and dreams and some are easier to visualise for a girl and others for a boy. Anyway, just to say I totally get what you're saying. And at my scans for my daughter I'd have been sobbing if they told me it was a boy šŸ˜‰

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