Fighting Monotony

Yesterday morning Sierra had a follow up dentist appointment. Three years ago she had a cavity filled and since then her tooth has grown up and out of her gums enough to show the edge of that filling and it was really rough. They filed it down and then put a tiny bit of filling on the bottom to make sure it was strong and smooth. It took maybe 10 minutes top and I was a teensy bit annoyed that they didn’t just go ahead and do that last week when we were there. Mostly because it’s a 35-40 minute drive and it was 108 degrees yesterday before we got home.

After the dentist we stopped at WalMart for toilet paper. While in WalMart we got some cheap new clothes for the kids for summer. They’re super “low” on summer clothes since I was too cheap to buy enough at the beginning of summer. I bought the older girls each two new outfits. I didn’t buy the little kids clothes since they do have enough.

Over in the girls’ section I spotted some cute, cheap earring sets and necklaces. I grabbed a couple for the girls since they are really into accessories lately. Sierra was talking about how much she wished she could wear earrings. As we walked toward the check out line I spotted the ear piercing area and asked Sierra if she wanted her ears pierced again. She excitedly squealed yes. I must’ve asked her if she was sure like three times! It only cost $15 and was a great experience. She is in love with her new earrings.  photo 042eresized_zps4c653e75.jpg photo 059eresized_zps44fac02f.jpg

When we got home they hurried to change into the new outfits they picked out. They felt pretty fancy in their hello kitty clothes.
 photo 080eresized_zps52d1170d.jpg photo 103eresized_zps03d2420b.jpg


PS. If my kids don’t stop talking to me I might go ahead and up and leave this family for greener pastures! OH.MY.GOSH!!!! SHUT UP KIDS!!! It is NOT necessary to share EVERY SINGLE LAST THOUGHT that enters your mind during the day!! SOMETIMES a mother would like ONE minute of her day without someone talking to her asfastastheycan about nothing. SERIOUSLY. FREAKING HECK.

It is 8:15pm and I have been with them (well for THREE straight weeks without a SINGLE second without them) for 14 hours straight and there has been someone talking NONSTOP for EVERY second of that. I told them three minutes ago we were having NO TALKING TIME until further notice and they LITERALLY have come into the room I’m in at LEAST ten times to tell me something. And every time I say, “NO TALKING TIME!”

Seriously, one could go freaking nuts from the relentless noise.

3 thoughts on “Fighting Monotony

  • Your daughter are absolutely stunning! I cannot believe how grown up Brooklyn and Sierra are now.

  • lol – I play the no talking game in the van when we are driving….doesn't work. Have you seen those family guy commericals with Stewie going, “mom, mom, mommy, mama, mama, mom, moooom, mommy.” ? that's my life

    -Molly (again)

  • I love shopping for a good deal, look like you got lots of good deals!

    Enjoy the noise….hard to do I know! My kids are 21 and 23 now and there is not much noise here anymore, wish there was!

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