It All Comes Crashing Down, Emotionally

And I don’t share any of it here, I just vague post about this moody week I’m having because as much as I need to talk about it, no one really understands and most people make me angry with their response. So instead I’ll just say, this week sucks and I want it to be over.

This week is beyond hot. It was 109 degrees today and my house felt like an oven despite spending $400 a month on keeping the A/C at 74 degrees. Does that sound insane to anyone else?? I’m sick of standing over the stove cooking and then standing over the sick for an hour doing dishes. I switched to paper plates and cups today and have zero plans on switching back anytime soon.

Today was assemble your own sandwich day, too. My older girls are crazy weirdos and don’t like any condiments on their sandwiches so really all they did was put their meat and cheese on their bread. Gross if you ask me. But they love it and they oddly love doing that one step. ha, works for me too, girls! (Payson didn’t have bread because of his allergies, Ember didn’t have bread because she’s always hated it!)  photo 002eresized_zpsbff5d4e4.jpg

I told them if they liked their lunch to give a thumbs up.  photo 006eresized_zps57599ca6.jpg photo 009eresized_zpsbea04c21.jpg

A good time to point out that if Ember is ever pointing her finger in a picture it’s because she can’t do a thumbs up and thinks that this is exactly right. haha  photo 012eresized_zps98281900.jpg

I took Brooklyn to her friend’s house today. While she was getting her toys ready, she always brings a backpack of toys with her, Ember saw and ran for her own backpack of toys. That was cute!
 photo 017eresized_zps3f248260.jpg

And Brooklyn turned to show her backpack full of stuff to the camera and when Ember saw that she turned to be just like her big sister. So cute!
 photo 024eresized_zps6f56c72a.jpg

4 thoughts on “It All Comes Crashing Down, Emotionally

  • Sorry you are having a bad week! That's too bad you feel you can't vent on your own blog because of peoples' comments, people can be so rude when they don't have to say things to someones face, but rather hide behind a computer screen. I personally like reading your blog and about your “bad” days because most of the time I can relate and there is something theraputic about knowing a person across the country whom you never met goes through the same thing…. Hope you have another mommy friend to vent to!!! p.s. I post randomly on here, but don't blog myself so sorry it's the ambiguous “anonymous” -Molly

  • I don't know what you are dealing with but I am so sorry that you are having a rough week. I agree with Molly ^^^ that I enjoy readying your blog– good and bad– and I am sorry that you have to worry about rude or negative comments from others. That stinks. But whatever it is you are dealing with, hope it gets better soon. And I hope that pizza oven weather improves too– that kind of heat doesn't help anything! Hang in there.

    ~~ Lisa D. in FLA ~~

  • Sometimes life just stinks…even when you tell yourself you have so much to be thankful for. And…when life stinks, it's perfectly okay to say so!

    Anyone who reads your blog can clearly see what an exceptional, caring and loving mom you are! Even exceptional moms (who often put everyone else's needs ahead of their own) are entitled to a bad day…or a bad week!

    Prayers are positive wishes are heading your way. Hang in there…brighter days are ahead!

    Chere 🙂

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