Movie Theater, We Saw Epic!

We went to the real movie theater last week. We caught a matinee showing of Epic. Ember is free! I love when little kids are free! haha

The kids were crazy excited when I told them to get dressed and they asked why and I responded, “We’re going to a movie!”

They were in the best moods that day. I don’t know what was in the air that day but they acted like little angels!

When we got to the snack counter I told them to all stand there for a quick snap before the movie. Ember, who is usually by far the most enthusiastic for group pictures, wouldn’t even take one step toward the other kids. I was surprised. She wasn’t in a bad mood but she was frozen in place. I went ahead and took a picture of the older three together figuring later on I’d get a shot of all four.  photo 011ecropresized_zps7fdbaeaf.jpg

Wouldn’t you know that after I snapped that and was encouraging everyone to step up close to the counter since it was our turn, Ember still wouldn’t budge. She was staring in fear at the tiled floor! haha, I’d totally forgot about her new fear of tiled floors!  photo 013eresized_zps68a23f04.jpg
Brooklyn realized it at the same time and ran and picked Ember up to save her. I love that in that snap above Ember is still looking at the ground, making sure she’s far above it! haha

I was laughing and told Ember, “Oh! You’re scared of that floor! I didn’t know you were scared of the floor!” And she laughed about it, too.  photo 014eresized_zpsb235a709.jpg

Brooklyn loves holding Ember any time Ember will let her so she wouldn’t set her down until Ember insisted. We spotted this giant Epic display and took a picture in front of it before heading to the theater.  photo 015eresized_zps59605f53.jpg

Ember, noticing the floor was safely carpeted, immediately squirmed to get down. She hates being held, she hates even holding hands as we walk through the parking lot or any other dangerous places. I have to “threaten” her with, “You either hold my hand or I hold you.” She always chooses to hold hands over having to be carried when she could walk all by herself! ha  photo 024ecropresized_zps827ff0ac.jpg

The kids really loved the movie. Payson was really into it and told me it was his favorite movie. The way he was acting in the theater I knew that was true (for at least this month, heh) because he was laughing and entranced with the battle scenes. He’s such a boy. My girls couldn’t care less about battle scenes but Payson talks about them a lot.
The kids were super thirsty after the movie from eating that huge large-sized popcorn. No matter how big a bag of popcorn, my kids will finish it easily! They really love popcorn!  photo 028eresized_zps3b2b718b.jpg

Brooklyn was thrilled once again when Ember let her pick her up to reach the drinking fountain.  photo 030eresized_zpsfc922032.jpg

As we passed the arcade area Ember ran over to pretend to shoot the guns. It’s funny that’s she’s so into guns after watching Escape from Planet Earth. And she still says, “Boom, boom, boom!”  photo 034eresized_zpscc420ac9.jpg photo 040eresized_zpsf22e604d.jpg

She put the green gun back and picked up the orange-red gun. Payson spotted that and ran over to grab the “red” gun from her because he likes red. Ember didn’t like that.  photo 041eresized_zps2591b093.jpg

So she went to another game with guns.  photo 050eresized_zpsdc26b3dc.jpg

When we went outside the kids remembered when we used to go to the summer movie programs at this theater and we’d sometimes take timer shots. I set up my camera on another bench (with the man, in the next picture, watching me the whole time) and ran back over by the kids. Then I watched as the man walked right in front of the camera, so… the picture is mostly of him. haha! I didn’t care to retry so this is the only group shot we have. And it sucks. haha  photo 056eresized_zps289c920a.jpg

It was so hot out by this time but my kids would’ve ran around that bench area forEVER if I let them. I was sweating loads by the time I finally insisted we go!  photo 077eresized_zps6b69a377.jpg photo 078eresized_zps4136ca67.jpg photo 085e2resized_zps23aa3c69.jpg photo 088eresized_zps5f81d7d4.jpg

We’d been playing a game where I would try to grab them as they walked around to the side I was at.  photo 090eresized_zps1731be83.jpg

When we got home I took a picture of the girls in the desert. Payson had sprinted into the house to play Super Mario World!
 photo 099eresized_zps0451a890.jpg photo 102eresized_zps61e151cc.jpg photo 104eresized_zps15e004b9.jpg photo 111eresized_zpseff06af4.jpg photo 113eresized_zps46a34984.jpg photo 110eresized_zpsb72b0eac.jpg

And ending this post with a picture of Ember falling asleep on the floor in a pile of books we’d read.  photo 002eresized_zpsaad6326d.jpg

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