Bowling with the Kids for the First Time!

I’ve wanted to take my kids bowling for a long, long time. Years, really. The reviews of all the local bowling alleys threw me off, though! They’re so bad! I was picturing the worst places after reading on Google reviews. haha!

One day I was randomly thinking about how those reviews are probably exaggerated. I mean, how much can you expect from a bowling alley anyway? So I Google mapped the nearest bowling alley and away we went!

During the summer they have games for only $1.25. But shoe rentals are $3.75! Ember was too small for a shoe rental so I saved $3.75 on her.  photo 146eresized_zps3a4a1337.jpg

And the reviews I read weren’t true, by the way. The people working there were really nice to us and everything worked perfectly and we had a really great time! I can’t wait to go again!  photo 147eresized_zpsb29aae46.jpg

The kids were excited.  photo 006eresized_zpsac5c9c1b.jpg

Brooklyn was so embarrassed the first time she had to walk out onto the lanes with her ball. It was cute. I knew how she felt because I’d gone first and was feeling a bit self conscience since it’s been 12 years or so since I last bowled!  photo 009eresized_zps3a508ff0.jpg photo 012eresized_zps2044ff21.jpg

Sierra loved it. She was so cute watching her ball go down the lane and leaning toward where she wanted it to go.  photo 018eresized_zps98e16e65.jpg photo 019eresized_zps9279192d.jpg

For the first ten minutes or so it was difficult helping all the kids while also trying to keep an eye on Payson and Ember, mostly trying to keep them from pushing the call button on the keyboard!!  photo 021eresized_zps4f978930.jpg photo 024eresized_zps398a79e4.jpg

I was impressed by Payson. He chose the heaviest ball (I think it was 12 pounds) and wanted to do it all himself. (Though in this photo he’s using Sierra’s lighter ball!)  photo 028eresized_zpsf3d4f32c.jpg photo 031eresized_zps783dee74.jpg

He got the first strike and it was sweet because Brooklyn and Sierra freaked out and cheered as much as I did! They’re usually super cruel to their brother so I was shocked and happy that they were so nice to him during bowling!!  photo 032eresized_zps66d76e3b.jpg photo 039eresized_zps4d2787a5.jpg

Ember spent at least half the time we were there climbing on the chairs and on my head! She LOVES to climb all over me. I hate it! Sometimes she falls and uses my hair to save herself. And that hurts! haha  photo 042eresized_zpsec87444f.jpg

Payson talked the entire time.  photo 046eresized_zps679d0f29.jpg

She’d just been told NOT to touch the button (because she’d paged the front desk just before this!) and there she was trying to again!  photo 047eresized_zps38564883.jpg

And then giggled when I told her, “Do NOT touch the button, Ember!”  photo 049eresized_zpsa492d687.jpg

Ember was so adorable when the other kids would bowl. She’d watch them all excitedly and then tell them they did a good job and try to give them high fives.  photo 053eresized_zps3ddc7046.jpg photo 055eresized_zps792d121a.jpg

Payson did really well, I think he knocked 8 or 9 down that time and Ember followed him saying, “High five!! High five!!”  photo 059eresized_zpsf3af95ac.jpg

He finally noticed her raised hand over by the ball retrieval.  photo 060eresized_zps37102d49.jpg

But his enthusiastic swing made her flinch.  photo 061eresized_zps6fd7cad7.jpg

Ember also likes to crawl around on the ground. I told her, “What are you doing on the ground silly girl! That’s yucky.” and she gives me this face.  photo 064eresized_zps9f83965d.jpg photo 067eresized_zpsb51fb317.jpg

Payson used Brooklyn’s ball half the time because it was way lighter than his. (Ember used Brooklyn’s ball, too.)  photo 069eresized_zps0410d880.jpg photo 071eresized_zpsba12f880.jpg photo 073eresized_zps93ca8b36.jpg

Brooklyn didn’t want me taking a bunch of pictures of her because she was still embarrassed during her turns. So I have a million pictures of Payson. haha  photo 086eresized_zps7f9349b0.jpg photo 094eresized_zpsd4e44f05.jpg

Because I had to help her the whole time I didn’t photograph Ember bowling until her very last turn! I asked Brooklyn to help Ember out so I could take some pictures.  photo 096eresized_zps2eaaf4e8.jpg photo 098eresized_zps1f840b74.jpg photo 105eresized_zpsbf808528.jpg

Ember LOVED bowling! And she was so proud of herself after each turn. We were all cheering for everyone pretty much every turn, that positivity rubbed off on her and she had the best time. I meant to film some of our experience but didn’t, I was really enjoying the game, didn’t feel like having my camera out filming. That’s why I love pictures. I can grab my camera and spend five seconds taking 5 pictures and then sit it down and be a part of things. When I film I have to look at the screen of the camera more and be holding it for several minutes at a time… it’s tedious.  photo 109eresized_zps5aeafee2.jpg

Brooklyn took a picture of me. I look crazed but oh well. haha photo 135eresized_zps9702aa9f.jpg

Our ending scores. (In my defense the kids had bumpers and I didn’t. lol)  photo 115resized_zps5da7edb4.jpg

Group shot!  photo 123eresized_zps37dafa8d.jpg

The kids were really well behaved but like always, they can’t be satisfied with anything they get and have to beg, beg, beg, beg, beg, beg for more, more, more, more, more, more. They flocked to the arcade games and begged me for money. Sorry kids. No quarters. Not to mention I just spent $20+ on your bowling experience!  photo 144eresized_zps5118244f.jpg

It was hellishly hot on the drive home. The water we had in the car was practically boiling in its jug so I stopped through In N Out to get a pink lemonade for them to share. A couple of them started to complain about having to share which I answered with, “If you don’t want to share you don’t have to, the other kids can share it and you can wait until we get home for some water.”  photo 148eresized_zpsb485630d.jpg

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