Golfland Sunplash for Arcade Games

A few days ago we stopped at Golfland Sunsplash (a water park and family amusement center in Mesa, AZ) to see if they had bowling. They didn’t. So I spent $10 on a game card and we played a few arcade games.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that my goal in life for the summer months of Arizona is to get out and do something at least 4 times a week! We’ve been stuck in this stupid house for so long that getting out is pretty much the only way I stay sane. When we are at home the other three days of the week we read a lot and do crafts and color and play games. Oh and we play video games and watch a lot of TV! Quality time expenditures! I don’t photograph or talk about any of that, though, because… I don’t feel like it. lol  photo 006resized_zpsa861eb1f.jpg photo 008eresized_zps5aa3d39f.jpg

Like they always are, all three of the younger kids picked out what games they wanted to play in seconds. They are all very decisive children. Brooklyn takes after me as a child. I was incredibly indecisive. It was almost painful for me to have to make choices as a child! Now I’m blessed with a child just like that. It’s so frustrating for a mom! Sorry to my own mom! haha  photo 010eresized_zpsb20b814d.jpg photo 017eresized_zpsdba06207.jpg photo 022eresized_zps6201d768.jpg photo 023eresized_zps4670a8f5.jpg
It was literally 40 minutes into the hour we were there before Brooklyn chose her first game!! And those 40 minutes she spent trying to decide she was pretty darn moody and whiny!

By the end of the trip, when it was time to choose prizes with their 250 tickets I insisted that they choose one prize for 50 tickets (not a bunch of little prizes for less, that literally would’ve taken at least another 20 minutes and a LOT of stress for Brooklyn to make decisions! The fewer options she has the better!)

Brooklyn hated that and in the end she was the only one who got away with picking two prizes equaling 50 tickets instead of one.

I used the other 50 tickets to pick out candy and bracelets for all of them. Payson started complaining about the candy so I handed it to Sierra. Then Payson decided it was the best candy ever. lol, being a mom is certainly a lot of negotiation!  photo 025resized_zps70ff237c.jpg

Fruit Ninja was the older girls’ favorite! They were pretty good at it and Brooklyn got the bulk of her tickets from there.  photo 029eresized_zpsb75efad5.jpg

100 out of our 250 tickets were won by Sierra who got a jackpot on a game that she’s got the jackpot on two times previously! She’s really good at that game!! lol  photo 038eresized_zpse1f896b4.jpg

With their prizes out front.  photo 044eresized_zps447bfaaf.jpg photo 056eresized_zpsc890b2e7.jpg

3 thoughts on “Golfland Sunplash for Arcade Games

  • I was very much like Brooklyn as a kid and Houston is too. I remember basically having aniexty attacks trying to pic out toys,what shoes to wear etc. Houston is one med for it now tenex…..cause if not he cant break the OCD behavior. Bless him. Tell her I think she did great picking out her fan….sierra did great too, picking out her pictures. Notice sisi (sp) is wearing her heels again this summer, is it helping with her toe walking? Have you thought about putting her in ballet. My friend growing up had the same issue and even at our age still does it some. but she really do stat getting better after ballet. Sorry I am so rambling. blame the sleepy meds jade marie

  • Jade, we really do want to put her in ballet! (she has always wanted to try it) When we live closer to a dance studio we'll look into it and see if she's still interested. Right now it's almost an hour drive away and just not possible.

    Luckily when I narrow down Brooklyn's options she does [i]much[/i] better. I narrow down the options for everyone and that makes it feel fair to her. I just started doing that this last month after hearing about it on some psychology show about choices in general. I guess they say that [i]everyone[i] feels happier with less choices because it stresses out your brain less! haha

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