Four Kids at Costco

I wasn’t intending to take pictures at Costco because I already have so many there. But Ember insisted on bringing her toy puppy to Costco (despite my trying to convince her otherwise) and then insisted the puppy “walk” everywhere. It was challenging, but adorable. It was so busy at Costco, I was constantly leading her to open areas so she wasn’t in the way, that was a stressful addition to the already stressful task of shopping at Costco with four kids!  photo 010eresized_zps701b32e9.jpg

We mostly stopped at Costco to print a few pictures for some About Me posters the kids got at the library. While I uploaded the pictures to be printed, they watched Daniel Tiger on the giant TVs.  photo 007eresized_zps9ec0180e.jpg

We ate lunch there since it’s so cheap. Then we went and I was sorely tempted by the book section. And I caved to the temptation and yes, maybe I spent too much money on books. It’s challenging to have four kids because you buy one a book (or small set of books) and you feel you must buy each a book. Am I right, moms of many?  photo 011eresized_zps51c47ccf.jpg

The kids plopped on the floor right away. I told them to scoot to the side of the aisle so that people could get by. They were quite happy sitting there quietly reading. One thing is for sure, these four kids of mine LOVE books!!  photo 015eresized_zps0be5bf8b.jpg

It’s working for me lately to end posts with random pictures that don’t really belong in their own post but don’t go with the current post either. haha. So, in keeping with that trend, here’s a photo of Ember playing in my bathroom as I got ready for the day. She entertains herself so well. She was singing songs and then pretending to run into the bathtub and shower and then was weighing herself. She’s such a fun little girl!
 photo 001eresized_zps01c6cd9a.jpg

2 thoughts on “Four Kids at Costco

  • You are right! In fact, sometimes I feel like moms of 1 or 2 don't get how much more expensive it can be to have 4 kids when it comes to stuff like that. My friend signed her kid up for swim lessons for the entire summer. It cost her a little over $200. Not too bad. She asked me why I didn't sign my kids up for the whole summer, and I told her because it would cost nearly $1000! She dropped her jaw. Yeah, times that book by 4, and that happy meal by 4, and those special outfits by 4… you get the picture! 🙂

  • Exactly. It's insane! I love my kids and we can afford everything we do buy but sometimes those price tags for something simple like books, swimming lessons, or whatever else are painful when multiplied by 4!

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