Visiting the Dollar Theater and the Library in the Scorching Heat!

It was ridiculously hot today. It was so hot me and the kids were all suffering from some serious moodiness trecking to and from the theater and the library. Our car felt a million times hotter than a sauna and in general I was pretty darn pissed about having to live in Arizona for yet another summer. Blasted job/moving crap, I just want out of this place!

Whew, got that off my chest!
We did have fun at the movies and we had fun at the library. The dollar theater has Return from Planet Earth playing this week and that’s what we saw and my kids loved it! I wasn’t expecting much from the movie based on the trailer but all four of them were laughing throughout the whole thing. Nice.  photo 052eresized2_zpsdc532a2f.jpg

After the movie the kids played with the quarter machine games even though I didn’t have quarters. Ember was especially into the gun games. I had to wonder if it was because there were guns in the movie that she found them interesting today.
 photo 036eresized_zps673406aa.jpg

She knows nothing about guns and when she pointed one to shoot, instead of bang, bang! She said, “Boom, boom, boom!”  photo 039eresized2_zps7b7d5d08.jpg

We got the papers and a bunch of books to start reading for the summer reading program. I can NOT believe another summer reading program is here. It seriously feels like just last month was summer!
 photo 069eresized_zpsd98e538c.jpg

Ember had a blast at the library, like she always does 🙂
 photo 080eresized_zpse2c2d6d9.jpg

Payson had a blast, too. He had fun climbing on this particular area. Until his little sister came and he freaked out, “She’s ruining my trick! She’s in the way and I was here first!”
 photo 087eresized_zps46b64452.jpg

So she scooted out of there but kept popping her head back in.  photo 092eresized_zpscaeb997f.jpg

She’s been really into kitchens this year. Ours at home and this one at the library. She was SO adorable washing dishes and food.  photo 096e2resized_zps4ee237c8.jpg

Payson turned the wheel of this contraption to find each of the first letters in our family’s names.  photo 097eresized_zps289f8617.jpg

He was looking at the ‘P’ in this picture.  photo 104eresized_zps785d1c15.jpg

Payson took the next few using the timer on my camera. BOY does he love that!! I really need to use that trick more often. I’d get him his own kid camera for his birthday but they’re so expensive for such crap quality!  photo 117eresized_zps2214ffe2.jpg photo 119eresized_zpse3b96e77.jpg photo 120eresized_zps861a96e5.jpg

I’ll end this post with some pictures of Ember from last night. She was cracking up over her hair in her face. Her long bangs are a cause of a lot of joking around between us. It’s funny and she gets a kick out of it every time!  photo 003bwresized_zps3bfd2221.jpg photo 005bwresized_zpsea2d90fe.jpg photo 009bwbwresized_zps9c89ece6.jpg photo 011bwresized_zpsdb7afcc1.jpg photo 012bwresized_zps4800c4f3.jpg photo 018bwresized_zps5ffcfe44.jpg photo 020bwresized_zps8125b1e5.jpg photo 027bwresized_zps4e6fc231.jpg

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