Friday at Home

The weather here sucks. A lot.  photo hellhot_blog_zps2ae50abd.jpg

Needless to say, for about 4 or 5 days straight we didn’t go anywhere.
Friday morning I walked through the living room and noticed Ember wasn’t wearing pants or a diaper, and I had just stepped in pee. So the floor got scrubbed and she got a bath.
 photo 020eresized_zps92c4f039.jpg

A short while later, after a haircut, Payson was in the tub I cleaned my bathroom counter. This picture was taken as he sat wrapped in a towel on the couch.  photo 029eresized_zps195d183f.jpg

I finally got around to clearing off my cluttered desk.  photo 025eresized_zps792c7363.jpg

I cut Payson’s hair. The dent in the top of his head from when he cut it (to his scalp) is almost gone.  photo 040eresized_zpsec6a677d.jpg

Sierra jumped in a picture with him.  photo 048eresized_zps5eba6671.jpg

My baby girl.  photo 062eresized_zps998ce032.jpg photo 082eresized_zps77a77434.jpg photo 084eresized_zpsb8d79ed7.jpg

I went through the drive thru for a coke. During the 15 minute drive back home Ember fell asleep.  photo 110eresized_zpsd8b2fe17.jpg photo 111resized_zpsb2bfdc50.jpg

Games on the iPod to beat boredom.
 photo 116eresized_zpsbf81c0c8.jpg

Coke is so bad, but it is the only thing that gets me through the day. I.AM.SO.TIRED.  photo 120eresized_zpsa09e1b96.jpg

I love watching Judge Judy.  photo 125eresized_zps4785359e.jpg

Games, books, puzzles.  photo 137eresized_zps57c83c85.jpg

This was the last day Brooklyn was at her grandparents house. Sierra loved her sister’s calls!  photo 142eresized_zps933c6814.jpg  photo 145eresized_zpsfe22ddc6.jpg photo 154eresized_zps2954a51b.jpg photo 155eresized_zps4009774b.jpg

This Goodnight Moon game is absolutely perfect for 2 year olds. Ember loves it!  photo 172eresized_zps49e70c70.jpg

I got it for $2 at Goodwill and it has all the pieces. That’s pretty cool.  photo 178eresized_zps433a87de.jpg

Ember had just woken up from her nap and she’s usually pretty darn grumpy for at least thirty minutes after she wakes up. She had fun with us but there sure were some major meltdowns every once in a while.  photo 185eresized_zpsc98e1cd7.jpg photo 189eresized_zps510d3c3b.jpg

After some cuddling she was back to being happy.  photo 191eresized_zpsbd2c2298.jpg

Sleepy girl.  photo 196eresized_zps7a5ae942.jpg

Practicing cutting.  photo 205eresized_zpscff522e8.jpg photo 212eresized_zps8a83f54b.jpg

I have to show Payson how to hold scissors the proper way each and every time he uses them.
 photo 215eresized_zpsbf7813bd.jpg photo 218eresized_zps61142809.jpg photo 223eresized_zps208ab064.jpg photo 236resized_zps295e6b37.jpg photo 238eresized_zpsb5067f29.jpg photo 239eresized_zps604b2cec.jpg

 photo 244eresized_zpsb5fc78f5.jpg photo 250eeresized_zpsf240d556.jpg

This next picture has Sierra in the background crying over how she glued the wings of her ladybug. She wanted to move them but it was too late; the wings would’ve ripped if she’d tried. Poor thing.  photo 251eresized_zps6bc03635.jpg photo 253eresized_zps21432e95.jpg photo 257eresized_zpsecb68a8f.jpg

Baby Stuff I Super Love!

I have very few baby boy items left from when Payson was a baby because we gave them away over the last few years! This meant some serious online shopping when we found out we were having another boy!

The things in this post are my old favorites and a couple of new ones!
I included links to the actual websites I bought these things at. I don’t make money off these links and I certainly don’t want anyone to click or buy anywhere they don’t research first. While I got all these items in the mail just fine I’d recommend trying to find as many items as you can through or in store to avoid any problems with online shopping.
I’m just saying that because though it all worked out for me I don’t want anyone complaining to me if something “bad” happens by purchasing through these links!!

#1 Aden and Anais Paparazzi Muslin Swaddle Blankets $49.95 at
One of my all time favorite baby items ever. Swaddling blankets. In my opinion, Aden and Anais are the best best best.
They’re crazy expensive (seriously $50 for four thin, muslin blankets?!) but I buy a pack because… they are the best best best!! I use them constantly!
 photo baby8_zps02d01852.jpg

#2 Boppy Nursing Pillow in Thimbleberry for $44.99 at
Next up, a boppy! I don’t know how I’d get through breastfeeding as well as I do without a boppy! I bought a new boppy this time around because I found out that they’d made a new version that looked so much better than the old one! This new boppy goes up higher and is more firm so baby stays in place. I’ve heard it’s great for newborns. Hopefully it’s as good as I’m hoping it to be!
 photo baby2_zps6f8e7975.jpg

#3 Modern Moby Wrap in Ballet for $47.95 at
My MUSTMUSTMUST have baby item. Besides diapers and clothes this is the only other thing that I could NOT live without during the first three months. It would be a horrible experience, for me, to go through the infant phase without a wrap. I went with Moby again since it worked so well when Payson was a newborn and because at $47.95 it’s a total steal! (I went with pink this time even though I’m having a boy because… I’m the one wearing it and I really like pink! ha)
 photo baby3_zps9e940a59.jpg

#4 Kissaluvs Fitted Cloth Diapers for $13.95 each at and
Kissaluvs Wool Diaper Cover for $30.47 each at
Cloth diapers! I’m going to try cloth diapering this baby. Hopefully he is like Sierra and Payson who benefitted from cloth. Poor Ember had bad reactions to our cloth diapers. She did fine with plain old prefolds but, it’s just been easier (and rash-less) to use disposables with her.  photo baby5_zps220a4e14.jpg

#5 Mod Swad baby swaddle gown and
Mod Swad Bamboo sleeper
I am loving the brand Mod Swad but they are pricey. I did not buy mine on Amazon! I think I bought mine for $10 cheaper than the Amazon price. But I also paid shipping so… maybe it all evens out?
I bought mine on I’m sure the brand will come back on there eventually and you can save a lot.
I’m just in love with the idea of this knotted bottom on the sleepers/swaddles. How awesome is that?! You can totally adjust the length of it and since my babies tend to be longer than average, I love that!
 photo baby6_zps2b813819.jpg

#6 Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle Swing for $139.99 at Babies “R” Us
I’d like to not rely on things like swings or bouncy chairs but truth is, they are a lifesaver! My all time favorite is this bunny swing from babies r us!
 photo baby10_zps55e0c8dc.jpg

#7 Project Life Core Kit- Baby Edition for $29.99 at and
We R Memory Keepers Classic Leather 12 by 12 Binder
One of the first things I buy when I find out I’m pregnant is a baby book. I go with gender neutral so I can start filling it out during the first half of my pregnancy. If I wait to record pregnancy stuff, I forget; I have such a crap memory!
This pregnancy I splurged and went with Becky Higgin’s project life baby edition instead of a regular baby book. I’m excited to try this out. Go to her blog for more info, I’m too lazy to explain more 😉
 photo baby12_zpsd410773d.jpg

#8 Shea Moisture Body Wash and
Johnson’s Vanilla Oatmeal Baby Wash
Baby soap is a must! My favorite is the shea moisture one. If I can’t get it at the stores nearby (which happens often) I’ll go with the Johnson’s and Johnson’s Vanilla Oatmeal baby wash. I like the smell of both of those and I’m sorta picky about how my babies smell! hee (My other kids and I use these soaps, too!!)
 photo baby11_zpsb0350967.jpg

#9 Wubbanub Giraffe for $13.05 at
This item I heard about on another blog and had to get one! Ember never took a binky (nor did Brooklyn) and I have to say, as much as some people hate binkies, I am a BIG fan of having another way to soothe baby than my boobies!! This little toy seems like it would make it easier to find the binky and keep the binky in baby’s mouth!  photo baby9_zps4930f996.jpg

#10 State Shaped Wooden Teether for $12 at LittleSaplingToys on and
Natural Wooden Baby Toy Set for $19.50 at QualityMontessori on
Speaking of toys, these next two are wooden toys/teethers I bought on etsy. I love the idea of being able to support American made products 🙂
 photo baby4_zpsd57bc900.jpg photo baby1_zps43b9f7d3.jpg

#11 Purple Original Ergo Carrier for $115 at
The last item is my ergo. Once baby gets to be about three months old, I love the ease of the ergo! I wore Ember in hers up until she was two. She still fits in it but that girl wants to walk everywhere and would be pretty annoyed with me trying it now!
 photo baby7_zps81cceef6.jpg

Bonus, #12 (no picture)
Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump for $269.99 at Target
I didn’t grab a picture of my breast pump but I’ve used that thing more than I ever imagined I would! It has really saved me so much pain and grief during the several mastitis infections I had and a million other times when I was just plain old engorged and in pain and needed relief! (Like when baby is sick with a stuffy nose and doesn’t drink as much as normal!)

Man do I feel like one spoiled mama after looking through that list. I’m so thankful to have a variety of things to make life with an infant slightly easier. My babies tend to be very difficult so… I love any products that help with that!

Now that I listed all my favorite baby stuff I figured I’d switch gears to baby names!
I’ve been asked a few times about baby names Allan and I are thinking about. Since we’re having a boy we’ve only been discussing boy names lately. Before we found out the gender we’d already picked a girl name. We would’ve named a girl Lyla.
BOY names are crazy difficult for me! I don’t love anything except the name Everett (my favefavefave boy name) but we used it for Payson’s middle name! I’m bummed about that because we’d for sure name our new son that! I was even born in Everett, Washington and it’s been the only boy name I’ve felt connected to and loved my whole life. haha

So anyway, I will list the girl names I love along with the boy names we’re considering. Our boy names aren’t too unique or anything. (Well, a few of the ones Allan loves are a bit out there)

So, girl names we liked!
Lyla (Allan prefers the spelling Lilah)
Adelaide (loved this when pregnant with Ember, too!)
Lilian (Lily)
Ashlyn or Lakelyn (I can’t help it, we like names ending in lyn!)

Boy names we’re considering:
(I’m proud of myself from refraining to mention which names are on the list because I like them and which are on the list because Allan likes them. ha)
Everett (I can’t help but keep trying to convince Allan to use this name anyway! I’ve heard of kids sharing middle names)

Names we had on our maybe list at one point or another but are crossed off because one or the other of us hates them:
Everson (only because we love Everett and thought maybe it would measure up, but it doesn’t. ha)
Jacob (we both love it but it’s crazy common these days)

Overheard while Sierra and Payson are play wrestling in the living room:
Sierra: “Payson your breath stinks!”
A few minutes later, I can hear Sierra struggling to get him off her and she sounds annoyed. She says,
“Payson if you only do your stinky breath at me that doesn’t count as fighting. It just counts as being disgusting.” Kids talking about the color of the crayons they’re using. Sierra says, “Yeah and I’m using black and yellow!” Then she sings a bit of the song black and yellow. I laugh and tell her she’s cute and she says, “Well, it’s really catchy!”

Monsters University!

I usually wouldn’t take my kids to the movies twice in one week, but when we went a couple of days ago we saw that Monsters University was coming out today and Sierra asked if we could go see it the day it was released so I said, yes.
 photo 002eresized_zps0b51185d.jpg

Ember insisted on wearing boots today. Then Sierra insisted that she be allowed to wear hers. I didn’t like the idea since it’s too hot out but, I wasn’t going to argue with them over it. So they wore boots. And complained about them all afternoon 😛  photo 007eresized_zps74bafe02.jpg

We stopped at JCPenney to look for newborn gowns. All I have left to buy, newborn gowns are proving super difficult to find because I’m picky in what I’m looking for. I can find a million options online for like $20-$30 each. haha. But, I want something natural, preferrably organic, with no cartoon animals/vehicles on it, for under $20! Too much to ask for?? (okay, okay, I actually want it for under $15! I know I’m pretty much out of luck with that price range!)  photo 012eresized_zpsbc04729f.jpg photo 016eresized_zps29e62125.jpg

The Last Couple of Days

Monday or Tuesday I was in my bathroom getting ready to go out on an errand with the three younger kids. I had just put in earrings and was moving on to do my makeup.
Ember was in the bathroom with me, as she always is, and picked up a package of earrings (I keep mine on the cardboard thing they come on since I don’t have a jewelry box) and says, “I want to wear earrings, too!”
I said something back like, you like earrings baby girl? (Just a generic response that meant I heard her but was busy, haha!)
So I continue to do my makeup and thirty seconds or a minute later she says, “Mommy, I have earrings now!” I turned to look at her ears, thinking maybe she took one of the big hoop earrings and dangled it from her ear, but could see nothing. I was about to turn around when she said again, “I have earrings like Sierra!”
She was so happy and holding her ear out at such an angle that I knelt down to get a closer look. Sure enough, *in* her ear was one of my stud earrings! I took it out (and the one in the other side) and told her that those were pokey earrings that could hurt her. (I didn’t want her sticking those in her ears ever again!!) I asked her if she wanted some little girl earrings and she hopped up and down and said, “Yes, yes, yes, yes!”

I grabbed some stickers from my art box and stuck them to her ears. Back when Sierra wanted to wear earrings but had no open holes in her ears I’d use those gem scrapbooking stickers and she loved those. This was sorta the same. Ember walked carefully out of my closet (where I’d put them on her) and looked in my bathroom mirror. She tilted her head this way and that and admired her new purple smiley face earrings.

And wouldn’t you know she kept those suckers on for two full days!  photo 003eresized_zps77fbf1e4.jpg

I can’t figure out why she looks so pouty above. She was thrilled to be wearing earrings and excited that I was taking her picture. My best guess is she was concentrating really hard. lol  photo 005eresized_zps47dcb5b7.jpg photo 008eresized_zps480ecd49.jpg

We went to McDonald’s this week. Not for the food, though we did eat, but for the playplace! I didn’t take pictures in the playplace area. The kids that were playing around my kids were little heathens so I took my kids home a little bit earlier than I normally would’ve. (Highlights included a 6 year old boy hitting Ember, for no reason, and two brothers swearing a lot)  photo 010eresized_zpsf30a9bcf.jpg

So while we were waiting for our food Sierra got ketchup for herself and Payson. I let Ember hold their powerade since she, surprisingly, does the best job of not spilling it.
A few seconds later Payson leans into Ember to drink from the cup in her hands. As he’s in the process of leaning down I start to say, (I was a couple feet away and hurried over there, too) “No, Payson… stop! Wait!”
But I was seconds too late and the ketchup in his hand went all over her shirt and he managed to open the drink in her hands with the pressure of leaning down. I could tell Ember was seconds from dropping the drink because he was leaning into her so much! Luckily I pulled him away and grabbed her drink in one motion to cut down on the potential messes happening before me. I was pretty ticked off, though! If he’d just listened and stopped he wouldn’t have spilled.
Payson doesn’t listen to a word I say. He seriously doesn’t even respond with a slight twitch. It’s literally like talking to a wall. It drives me absolutely nuts!

I quickly wiped the ketchup off her shirt with a napkin and then used a baby wipe to get as much off as I could.  photo 013eresized_zpsc65213d4.jpg

On a different day we stopped at our nearest (crappy) grocery store for some food because I was craving berries like freaking crazy and had run out. The kids liked this cactus statue-thing.  photo 019eresized_zps94d16ff8.jpg

Usually my kids are horrible as we walk through the parking lot back to the car but this day they were staying right by me and being really cute!  photo 026eresized_zps3bf4d2be.jpg photo 027eresized_zps061528a5.jpg

And the light was really pretty since the sun was starting to go down.
 photo 029eresized_zps840bcba9.jpg photo 030e2resized_zps8c09e5cd.jpg

Payson was being a goofball in the car.  photo 038eresized_zps008079a7.jpg

Sierra saw the attention Payson was getting so joined in.  photo 041eresized_zpse00c9df6.jpg

She actually got crazy after this picture, unbuckled to lean over the backseat toward me and started making weird faces. I have some pictures of that but she was moving around so sporadically that they’re blurry. And she looks weird in them. lol

I got home and started unloading the loot and could barely wait to eat. Of course it had been like 6 hours since I’d last eaten! haha  photo 061eresized_zpsdab9e415.jpg
Food highlights!!
-Salad! I can’t get enough salad!
-I bought caeser dressing because I love it way more than ranch.
-Pickles! cliche but, they really are so good during this pregnancy!
-The berries, of course!
-Tomatoes and croutons, to go on my salads.
-Treats. I’m usually a strictly chocolate girl but this pregnancy I don’t like chocolate at all! I mostly like sour candies or fruity candies. But not even that often, anyway.
-Up at the very top of the picture are two packages of spinach and cheese stuffed ravioli. They were $3 off! Surprisingly when I ate them I didn’t love them like I usually do. I just wanted more red meat 😛 (this red meat thing is probably the anemia! I need more iron)  photo 063eresized_zps298e4146.jpg photo 065eresized_zps5c7afa4a.jpg

After eating dinner we all went and played in the play room.  photo 071eresized_zpsffd8c045.jpg photo 074eresized_zps9126a354.jpg photo 076eresized_zps7e39af00.jpg photo 083eresized_zpsc87e5862.jpg

5 Months Along

 photo 009cesb2resized_zpsfe30962b.jpg

I haven’t done very well at documenting my pregnancy this time around.
When I found out I was pregnant (which was a huge shock, btw) I decided to do better at that and here I am five months in and have a small handful of really crappy (mostly iPod) belly pictures and nothing written down about anything to do with this pregnancy. Besides being super sick. I have that documented enough! haha. But in my complaining defense, this pregnancy has been my worst by far.
The second trimester has been really nice, though! I like the second trimester 🙂  photo 016ceresized_zpsc3166496.jpg
A few little things about my pregnancy lately:
-I still crave meat. Meat, meat, meat, and more meat. I also love berries and salad!
-Round ligament pain started up this week.
-My sciatic nerve is acting up and my hip pops. It’s fun being old!
-My pelvic bone hurts like crazy, feels like my vagina is breaking.
-Acne! My least favorite thing about this pregnancy!
-I gained five pounds in the last month. I should probably lose five pounds instead :S
-Allergies. I’ve never had allergies but I have pretty severe allergies right now.
-Can not get comfortable while sleeping; this is not helped by Ember crawling into my bed at 3am and wanting to breastfeed.
-My red blood cell situation is poor.
-Lots of baby movement! 🙂

So when I asked Allan to snap a couple of pictures of me (it never stops being awkward for me to ask for pictures of myself, which is why I pretty much never do it!) and he said he would, I had him and the kids help me decide where in the ugly desert I wanted to take the pictures. We settled on our front yard because it was shaded at that moment and looked less bleached and dead than everywhere else. And I got some cute pictures of them in the process 🙂
 photo 004eresized_zps7c8e944b.jpg photo 008eresized_zps5c2c6e00.jpg photo 017eresized_zps2ae3f592.jpg photo 029eresized_zps46f38507.jpg

I’ve Been Married 11 Years!

Saturday was my and Allan’s 11th Anniversary. I kept thinking, holy crap are we getting old! haha  photo 001eresized_zpsd723d227.jpg

Brooklyn is still with her grandparents (having a blast until this Friday) so we took the three younger kids out with us on our anniversary date. I think it’s pretty fitting that we celebrate 11 years of marriage by having a bunch of kids with us as we’ve spent all but one year of our marriage raising kids. They’ve been the focus, not us! haha  photo 012bwresized_zps0d0e2fcb.jpg

We went and saw OZ the Great and Powerful at the $2 theater since Allan has never seen it but has been wanting to! We’re pretty glad he got a chance to see it on the big screen since it’s so much better that way!  photo 020eresized_zps9343e660.jpg

There was a concert at the fountain in the mall plaza that night. We didn’t know about it but it was a really nice surprise to walk out of the movie into an evening filled with community and music! We hung out for a little while, Ember dancing the whole time and everyone around us watching her shake her booty!

Seriously, so fun 🙂  photo 023eresized_zps75485905.jpg photo 024eresized_zps5d5a3642.jpg photo 035eresized_zps37b01194.jpg photo 042eresized_zps3614e40b.jpg photo 046eresized_zps77217088.jpg photo 048eresized_zps65f61e30.jpg photo 057eresized_zps798a2ce9.jpg

We were all super hungry by then and stopped for a late dinner at In N Out. It wasn’t too busy but it was a lot of fun!  photo 066eresized_zps4647dbd8.jpg photo 071eresized_zps1889ddf9.jpg photo 076eresized_zps0b59c3fa.jpg photo 081eresized_zps3b15343e.jpg photo 083eresized_zps3a2c0cb0.jpg photo 086eresized_zps4d9a8be3.jpg

We got home and let the kids play one level of Super Mario World (they were begging) before brushing teeth and heading to bed. It was a really fun day!  photo 002eeresized_zps2260bde0.jpg photo 003eresized_zpsea1d442e.jpg

Coloring Fun

I’ve had this roll of brown paper for quite a while and decided it was time to finally use it!  photo 004eresized_zps85b8af5d.jpg

After some tracing we pulled out the markers and had an hour of fun.
 photo 006eresized_zpsf5ede004.jpg photo 007eresized_zpsd877ba2d.jpg photo 011eresized_zps43819939.jpg photo 013eresized_zpsd106a335.jpg photo 014eresized_zps0489434b.jpg photo 021eresized_zpsd4f5d8b3.jpg

Ember spent most of the time working on her purple socks. The girl loves sock and she loves purple!  photo 028eresized_zpsdd3c2351.jpg photo 033eresized_zps6195e283.jpg photo 034eresized_zps117c2310.jpg photo 036eresized_zps6d663696.jpg

The kids spotted their stickers in the art box and decided to use like ten sheets on their pictures. And then when Ember got bored of that she pestered me.  photo 043eresized_zps172cbd61.jpg

After what felt like an eternity watching them and encouraging them and giving attention (you know, typical mom stuff while kids are drawing or crafting!) I went and sat on the floor to read. Ember, hating that mommy was more than a couple feet away from her, brought a stack of books to join in.
 photo 047eresized_zps2540c075.jpg

And then next thing I know I look up and the kids are coloring leftover birthday balloons and are covered in marker! I swear only like five minutes had gone by and they were like head to toe covered!  photo 052eresized_zps68ec8e80.jpg photo 053eresized_zps1d92ecaf.jpg

I wasn’t happy about the marker but luckily it washed off in the bath. Mostly.  photo 059eresized_zps85ed8023.jpg photo 064eresized_zpsdfd79361.jpg

Since they obviously couldn’t be trusted to treat markers appropriately I made them all come sit by me and color in their coloring books.  photo 073eresized_zps01b77cd9.jpg

I’m still shaking my head at how awful Ember looked. She’s been covered in marker or pen for two weeks now. This phase is oh so fun :S
 photo 078eresized_zps3e0dad35.jpg

Here are some iPod pictures of them when they were not covered in marker and still coloring in their tracings.
 photo IMG_3579_zpsb2337c72.jpg

Some things I like about Sierra’s girl, clockwise from top left:
-Ema spelled with one M
-her eyelashes
-that she has high heels
-that her bday is next month and she’s bff with Sierra. lol
 photo IMG_3599_zpsf5a6dddf.jpg

Things I liked about Payson’s:
-painted nails with Ms and Ls on them for Mario and Luigi, Mario and Princess were together because Payson said they just defeated Bowser
-the star Payson attempted for the first time
-he had a full story for each sticker he added to his poster
-that he added the other colors of yoshi as well
 photo IMG_3601_zps23f9a0ec.jpg

And finally, Ember:
-adding painted nails like her siblings did
-the stickers made a halo around the girl’s head
-the purple socks, just on the toes. lol
 photo IMG_3602_zpsf35a3cff.jpg

Going to the Movies to see The Croods

Brooklyn went to stay with her grandpa and grandma this week. She’s going to have the time of her life, I know it. They have a good relationship and since we’re probably moving in a few weeks it’s really awesome for her to get all that alone time with them!

I took the younger three to the movies yesterday. The only movie the kids wanted to see was The Croods. I’d seen the trailer a few times on TV and thought it looked really stupid. I thought I’d be painfully bored. But I wasn’t. I laughed my butt off right along with the kids. My favorite part is when they see fire for the first time and the caveman son has a bit of fire on his back and he looks back and says, “Oh, it likes me. Hey, it’s biting me!” I laughed so hard at that part!
Here it is on youtube!

I should probably just post one of the next four pictures but, I’m too indecisive so here are four of basically the same thing 😉  photo 005eresized_zpsd2893481.jpg photo 006eresized_zps776472ba.jpg photo 009eresized_zps79d9fff6.jpg photo 010eresized_zps00c9057b.jpg

Can you guess why Payson was wearing Ember’s sandals?  photo 011eresized_zpsa9c219c5.jpg

After the movies we stopped for a quick shopping trip at WalMart. Payson had to poop (uuuuugh) and I was super irritated at my pants. They were literally falling completely off my body! I need to buy another pair, smaller, but… finding maternity pants that fit is just plain old impossible for me. I took this picture in the bathroom mirror literally about three seconds after hiking my pants up as high as I could. Stupid, stupid, stupid pants. They’re in the goodwill pile now!
 photo 015eresized_zpsbfe2d0de.jpg photo 020eresized_zps4032da9e.jpg

I bought a nintendo ds XL on clearance. That thing has gotten a whole lot of use in the last day!!  photo 030eresized_zps15217ec4.jpg