The Story of Ember and the Tiles on the Floor

So Ember cried a few times in Target one day and begged me to hold her. I think I know why. It all started the Wednesday before, really.

At the aquarium there was this part where the ground was glass and we all had to walk over some water and fish swimming around underneath. This terrified Ember and she refused to walk on it.
At Target we all walked in. Ember refuses to be in the cart or have me hold her so she was walking besides us. We got to the white, tiled part of the floor just inside the door and she stopped suddenly and started screaming. She was crying really hard right away and saying NO and saying MOMMY!!! and reaching for me! I was confused because she never ever ever ever asks to be held! lol
I went to pick her up and held her while we walked. Once in a while she’d wiggle to get down and walk. She’d take a few steps and start screaming again and reaching for me. Stopped in terror. lol, poor thing.

Halfway through the store I realized she was noticing the reflection of the overhead lights on the ground and was thinking they were under the ground! It reminded her of the aquarium! (I knew it had to be that because she’s walked through Target dozens of times without a problem!)
I told her the lights were on the ceiling and pointed them out.

A minute later I was walking towards the checkout with her in my arms. She was looking up at the ceiling intently and suddenly says, “OH! The wights up dere!” And then she’d look back and forth from the white lights overhead to the reflections on the ground. I thought that’d “cure” her fear but, no. She still freaked out when it was time to walk out of the checkout aisle. (She was fine standing in line, though, and insisted on it.)

I hope this new fear of hers doesn’t last. Then again, it was super nice shopping while carrying her (she held on to me super tight) and not having to keep a constant eye out for her!

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