Arizona Sea Life Aquarium

My sister-in-law, Laura, invited me and my kids to the aquarium with her, her three kids, and Allan’s parents yesterday. Brooklyn went to the aquarium last year on a field trip but the younger three haven’t been and were pretty excited! I asked Ember if she wanted to go see some fishies and she hopped around saying, “Yes, fishies!”

I decided to put all the stuff I carry in my purse in a backpack so I didn’t have to juggle a giant bag over my shoulder. This isn’t important to the story, just typing it out for my own benefit. haha!

We got to the aquarium and waited at some quarter operated rides for grandma, grandpa, aunt Laura, and the cousins. My kids were just as excited about sitting on the (unmoving because I had no quarters) rides as they were about the aquarium! haha

When the family got there the kids started shouting happily and waving to them. I got just a bit nervous, hoping the crowds inside wouldn’t be too awful since I now have four kids to keep track of. Luckily, my kids are actually really good when we go out! They occasionally wander but mostly they stay near me, which is a huge relief! For 10 years I’ve had every single outing include juggling a baby or chasing a toddler, or both! lol  photo 002eresized_zps6f4e578b.jpg

The kids loved it right off the bat! I spent the first 10 minutes regretting my decision to come! lol. The smell of fish was overwhelming to my pregnant sense of smell! Wretched. But honestly, how excited the kids were distracted me 🙂  photo 003eresized_zps00662743.jpg

And I got to practice letting my germophobe tendencies take a backseat when we were in the area where touching the animals was allowed. The kids loved this.  photo 005eresized_zps471bf231.jpg photo 006eresized_zps996e435b.jpg

Lots of fun tubes and tunnels to explore! Brooklyn pretended to swim in there 🙂  photo 010eresized_zpse8e0ce4b.jpg

This is my nephew, he’s Ember’s age.  photo 017eresized_zpsbd42e146.jpg

My kids were pretty great about letting me take a few group shots!  photo 022eresized_zps16b5cffa.jpg

I have a whopping four pictures of sea animals to post. I feel pretty proud of that accomplishment since I find it boring to photograph them. lol (Today my kids saw the pictures and love the sea animal ones, so now maybe I wish I’d snapped just a couple more? lol)
 photo 028eresized_zps6138e68a.jpg

This octopus was my favorite. He/she started moving his/her legs all around and shifted positions while we were there and my kids were enthralled. Ember was pretty much terrified, but intrigued enough to stand there and watch.  photo 030eresized_zps922366b5.jpg photo 073eresized_zpscf231363.jpg

I also really loved the jellyfish room! We have some cute video footage from Brooklyn dancing in there!  photo 034eresized_zps50efa0e2.jpg

My youngest nephew. He was so happy the whole time! I just love him!  photo 051eresized_zpsd0dff859.jpg

And Payson loved his cousin. Couldn’t keep away from him for more than a few seconds at a time 🙂 He’s going to be such a happy boy in November when he has his very own baby at home every day!  photo 053resized_zpse483f6ef.jpg

Cousins in the tunnel!  photo 055eresized_zpsa79f1e9c.jpg

They were smiling at aunt Laura who was doing all kinds of fun sounds to get their attention. It worked!  photo 058eresized_zpse56e9962.jpg

Another tube! The kids LOVED this one!  photo 065eresized_zpsd6c3a1e0.jpg

Three is probably too many to post of the same exact thing but all four of my kids in one place being so cute is hard for me not to post!  photo 067eresized_zps24d0d02c.jpg photo 069eresized_zpse5c53199.jpg photo 072eeresized_zps165e9c58.jpg
Payson and Brooklyn got stuffed turtles from the gift shop for their upcoming birthdays. Sierra and Ember wanted things but their birthdays are so far away and I know that by the time they get here they’ll not care a smidgeon for a stuffed turtle! haha! Sierra cried about it but already today, the very next day, she’s over the stuffed sea animals! lol

After the aquarium grandma and grandpa bought pizzas and we ate at their house. It was a really awesome day! Our first really fun day of summer!

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  • Great pics! My kids love the Arizona Sea Life Aquarium and I love that I can save money there using my PogoPass. So we go there on a very regular basis!

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