Hello Baby Boy?

Today at our ultrasound we were told that our baby is most likely a boy. There was the umbilical cord and then there was another protrusion lower down in the private area. We get another ultrasound in 5 weeks and will check again and hope for a better view. We’re going to go ahead and refer to the baby as “him” since it feels better than what we have been doing which is either he/she (which is kind of a mouthful) or “it” which is totally inhuman. ha

So for the first minute of the ultrasound he had the hiccups and then through the rest of the ultrasound he seemed really sleepy. The ultrasound technician kept shaking my belly, had me get up and pee, and had me cough a couple times, to try to get him to move around*. But nope, he’d move his arm a bit, he rolled over once, and then was off in dreamland again.
I told Allan on the drive home, it’d be nice to have a baby who liked to sleep! haha

Here’s our little boy’s profile đŸ™‚  photo BabyBoyblurred_zps0da9a65b.jpg
*She was only trying to get some action out of baby because they make a DVD of the ultrasound and probably figured we’d like to see our baby kicking or moving around instead of napping. We don’t mind either way. He was as healthy as can be told at this age and that’s enough for us! đŸ™‚

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