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I had a checkup Tuesday. There was no one available to watch the little kids for me so I had to bring them. I brought them last time and it was miserable, no matter what toys, coloring books, games, books, or treats I bring- they’re SO loud and needy. I decided to be a bit crazy and take Brooklyn out of school to help. I told her that if she managed to keep them preoccupied during the appointment I’d take her out for lunch.
She would’ve watched them anyway, happily, but having a happy meal after was icing on the cake.

I bought a couple things at the dollar store for the kids in hopes that the image of mommy on the exam table wouldn’t cause the usual reaction, which is- NEED TO BE HELD BY MOMMY ON THE EXAM TABLE!! lol

The appointment went well! The kids were noisy, but happy noisy, and I was majorly distracted by them but they didn’t distract the doctor and didn’t make loud noises. Everyone commented on how good they were.

I have an appointment for an ultrasound this afternoon. Allan is THANKFULLY staying home from work to watch the little two for that! I’m SO freaking glad. I can’t concentrate at all if my kids are in the room with me. I really want to watch the baby on the screen in peace and quiet! lol  photo 007eresized_zps272e83bc.jpg photo 010RESIZED_zpsae8d53d3.jpg

I gave Ember a bath when we got home.  photo 023eresized_zpsc0af45ac.jpg

This morning (it’s Thursday now), Ember threw up. She hasn’t since so I’m wondering if it was the milk she had. It expires today but smells fine. Allan says his stomach feels weird and he’s the only other person that had some, so hopefully it was just “off” milk and since she threw it right up the rest of the day will be fine.

She’s been crying ever since she threw up. She begs for breastmilk and freaks out when I say no. I try to explain why, but she’s two. She couldn’t care less if she throws up right after. She wants mommy milk and she wants it now.  photo 050eresized_zpsafce1753.jpg
So, three more hours of crying to listen to and then I’m off to a peaceful ultrasound. lol

2 thoughts on “Doctor Visit

  • I'm shocked that the school lets you take Brooklyn out for anything other than illness! Don't get me wrong, I don't think it was a bad choice. I'm just envious! My kids get ONE absence w/o a doctor's note and then after that if there is no doctor's note then it is an unexcused absence. Don't even get me started on the fact that even if the school sends the kid home w/ a fever or vomiting they still have to have that doctor's note. And the school limit for a “fever” is 99. Blargh! I really, really hate the rules of our school!

  • Your school sounds crazy to me. I have only ever taken Brooklyn out once for something that wasn't a serious illness (which was this time! haha) but my school is really flexible about absences and doctor notes.

    The only real reason I took her out was because it was two days before the last day of school and they weren't doing any work. She didn't miss a thing 🙂 I can't imagine if the school refused to allow me to take my own child out once in a while!

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