Playroom and the Girls got Haircuts

First thing this morning I found Payson and Ember playing together in our front room. Which holds most of their toys right now; we call it the playroom.  photo 004eresized_zpse580ea5b.jpg

Brooklyn and Sierra like it in there, too. They all play with their petshop animals in the dollhouse mostly.  photo 009eresized_zps3d9216f0.jpg

Ember was building some pretty awesome towers this morning. She built one in particular that was really high. She had to stand on a chair to put the top pieces on. I was surprised at how well she did all by herself.
Brooklyn noticed her playing and decided she needed to come over and take over.  photo 022eresized_zpse394456d.jpg

Luckily Ember is easygoing about that and was happy to share.  photo 035eresized_zps2ac98c10.jpg

Sierra and I had been writing funny or sweet letters back and forth to each other on the chalkboard.  photo 046eresized_zps68461946.jpg

Brooklyn was laughing in the next picture over Sierra getting upset because Brooklyn had scribbled on her letter to me. Sierra wiped it off while Brooklyn uncontrollably giggled over it. (She laughs a lot when she does something irritating. Especially if I tell her not to do it.)  photo 061eresized_zps7cfdbb88.jpg

Payson was left alone with the blocks and built some of his own towers.  photo 068eresized_zps86186212.jpg

By the way, the girls were home because this morning my car battery was dead. Allan’s going to jump the car tonight when he gets home. I would’ve had a friend take them to school but the nearest one I know well would’ve had to drive an extra hour worth this morning to do it. Instead I let the girls stay home.

So halfway through the day I told the girls that while they were home we should get their haircuts done. When they first started talking about haircuts for the summer I knew I’d take them to a salon because Sierra was dead set on getting an a-line bob haircut. I wasn’t going to attempt something like that!! lol
But in the end, saving $50 (on the two of them) and the gas money (another $10) and all the time of driving clear out there (40 minutes each way) won me over and I cut their hair myself.  photo 076eresized_zps130d0369.jpg

I don’t have any hair cutting experience or training. lol. I just wing it when I’m forced to cut my kids’ hair. Sierra’s a-line turned out pretty cute, thank goodness!  photo 082eresized_zpsbd972b76.jpg

I mean, to my untrained eye it looks cute anyway. lol  photo 084eresized_zps7af29ceb.jpg photo 087eresized_zps295146ad.jpg

And OH BOY was Sierra thrilled with it! She loved it from the first chop to the last snip and posed and fawned over herself in the mirror like a girl in love. A girl in love with her hair. It was so freaking adorable and the fact that I was the one who cut it made me feel pretty darn pleased with myself. lol
Sweet Sierra must’ve said, “Thank you, mom! You’re the best haircutter in the world!” a thousand times today 🙂  photo 088eresized_zpscb18bc22.jpg photo 090eresized_zps3b9e5f82.jpg photo 100eresized_zpse5524c5d.jpg

Now it was Brooklyn’s turn!  photo 113eresized_zpsa78b7c48.jpg

For Brooklyn’s haircut I just did a shorter, lightly layered cut with some long, sweeping bangs.  photo 114eresized_zpsacf11dcf.jpg

I had styled her hair all cute before this picture but she used her hands to flatten it all out. When I do it it’s so cute, though! Too bad she’ll probably never let me.  photo 120eresized_zpsba697aa7.jpg photo 122eresized_zps2f2f04e5.jpg

She loves her haircut, too! She especially loves that it’s zero maintenance. A quick brush through after her hair has air dried a bit and she’s set to go!  photo 123eresized_zps70fbac0f.jpg photo 125eresized_zps581e3c4a.jpg

At this point in the day I let the kids watch TV. Ember was a huge crankpot so the kids all agreed to watch Team Umizoomi first since that’s her favorite right now.  photo 133eresized_zps1314bcb6.jpg photo 144eresized_zps758b792f.jpg

4 thoughts on “Playroom and the Girls got Haircuts

  • cute haircuts! And yay, umizoomi! That is my toddler's favorite right now, too.

  • Their haircuts are so cute! You did a great job on them! Wish I would have been brave enough to attempt that when my kids were young, would have saved me lots of $$!

  • I am super impressed with the hair cuts, especially Sierra's! I can barely cut bangs straight across 🙂

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