Another One Bites the Dust

Poor Payson. He was so scared and grossed out by his night last night. He really handled it so well, though! After the first “episode” which was in his bed, he managed to not throw up anywhere besides his “puke bucket” the rest of the night! Allan and I were so proud of how mature he was being! He’s generally a difficult little boy to parent but when he’s sick he handles it amazingly well.
He did cry and I could tell he was just disgusted by the whole thing but, it’s puke, I feel the same way and I’m thirty. haha  photo 002eresized_zps07be9532.jpg
Allan was home this time (thank freaking goodness!) and cleaned up Payson’s bed! Which was really, really great because I immediately had to run and throw up myself just walking into his room! Having stomach sick kids during the first few months of pregnancy is rough!

Halfway through the worst of it with Payson Ember woke up with a really bloody nose. She was covered in blood. It stopped within ten minutes and hasn’t come back so no worries but, it was a bit of a mess! Luckily during that time Payson was actually dozing!

This morning Payson helped himself to a cup of water on the table. He threw up an hour later. So, it’s 10am now and I have yet to give him some water or anything and he keeps asking for some. I’m nervous but I guess it’s time to try. It’s been almost two hours since the last time he threw up.

And that’s that!

3 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

  • I want to cry for you. I am so sorry everyone is getting sick, especially while you're still feeling crummy yourself. I don't know what else to say except that you have my thoughts and sympathy, and I wish there was some way I could help!

  • I remember those days. 🙁 Big hugs! My “kids” are 23/21/19 and when they get stomach sick, they still get upset, and want me there for them. Have you tried using gingerale, or coke, instead of water? Put a little in a cup, stir it til the bubbles are gone, and feed them a teaspoonful at a time. I remember my mother doing that for us, and I did it for mine, too. Water always made them start throwing up again for some reason. Wishing you all well!

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