Five Guys

I didn’t feel like pulling my dSLR out of my purse while we ate. Instead, I used my iPod!
Waiting for food Payson ended up “eating” his container of ketchup. The kid loves ketchup.  photo IMG_1956eresized_zps7e16bc07.jpg

I shared a grilled cheese with Ember, Payson had a hotdog with no bun, and we all shared an order of fries. There were lots and lots of fries left. They sure do load you up on those. Yum!  photo IMG_1986resized_zps30feaf8e.jpg  photo IMG_1964eresized_zps4ad33521.jpg

After eating the kids were being silly hanging out in the car.(these are dSLR photos)
 photo 462eresized_zps14b5a3d5.jpg photo 475eresized_zps66040df5.jpg photo 477eresized_zps2246e31a.jpg

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

The girls had a day off school a couple weeks ago. They’ve been feeling a bit of jealousy over the little kids’ adventures while they’re stuck in school so I figured I’d take them somewhere fun. When I took the younger two to the railroad park Brooklyn and Sierra both expressed interest over it. I asked if that’s where they wanted to go this day and they jumped up and said yes!  photo 646eresized_zps5cf1260d.jpg

I took a lot of pictures with my iPod that day just because it is so much easier! Here are those.
Carousel first.  photo railroadpark01_zps479783a7.jpg photo railroadpark02_zps2448184f.jpg

Lunch at the snack shop there.  photo railroadpark03_zps45b595f4.jpg

I looked around the place while the kids ate.  photo railroadpark04_zps89ccc5b3.jpg

I got the kids ice cream. Brooklyn started to whine something fierce about not getting two scoops. It’s impossible to please Brooklyn, if you haven’t noticed. lol  photo railroadpark05_zpsff7cd128.jpg photo railroadpark07_zps9c7195fd.jpg

Waiting in line for a train ride.  photo railroadpark06_zpsa607e810.jpg

Back to dSLR images!
The kids really enjoyed their ice cream. I was on a paleo kick back then (this was a few weeks ago) so didn’t eat any. I really wanted some though!
 photo 652eresized_zps8cae2d5d.jpg photo 659eresized_zps388cde4b.jpg photo 665eresized_zps7728c413.jpg photo 681eresized_zpsee6fe470.jpg photo 689eresized_zps8c74ddf0.jpg photo 690eresized_zps6e529f24.jpg

We walked over to some display railroad tracks to hang out.  photo 697eresized_zps43c0e80b.jpg photo 703e2resized_zpse7149571.jpg

The kids finally finished their ice cream cones and we made our way over to the little train ride area.  photo 709e3resized_zps4758ef5e.jpg

There was room on the train, we could’ve got on and road right then but I wanted better seats (at the front of the train!) so we waited for it to go around the park and come back. We were first in line then 🙂  photo 718eresized_zpsfb4a90fa.jpg

The kids were excited to be in the very front.  photo 724eresized_zpsd164e593.jpg photo 733eresized_zps4bdb0a36.jpg photo 736eresized_zps1f57889e.jpg photo 742eresized_zpsfef7796b.jpg photo 751eresized_zps8d5172a1.jpg

Ember does this thing where she covers her mouth when she’s embarrassed/nervous/shy/super excited/etc, I’ll blog specifically about it some other time but she was doing it in this next picture because she was having so much fun and felt a little embarrassed about that, I guess.  photo 754eresized_zps4120e744.jpg photo 755eresized_zps598d7637.jpg

I was looking forward to my girls’ reaction to the train museum. They liked it but surprisingly my little two kids lingered and looked around and asked questions about ten times more than the older girls. Brooklyn remarked excitedly about the little rooms and toilets but that was it, she pretty much walked straight through without caring too much. lol, that’s so Brooklyn… she’s just. Her.  photo 760eresized_zps9f56d4b5.jpg

She was crazy impatient at this point because on our train ride around the park she’d spotted a playground and from that second on all she wanted was to play on the playground and couldn’t have cared less about anything else in the world.  photo 769eresized_zps3d7af487.jpg

I told her we could play at a park any day of the week but that the model train museum was closing soon so we were going there first. When she knew it was closing she finally stopped being cranky about the park. Whew.  photo 774eresized_zps804cdf9a.jpg photo 784eresized_zpsdfb41ed2.jpg

After maybe ten or fifteen minutes in that building I took them to the playground. I hated this playground with a passion. It was a big park and all four of my kids ran in different directions. It was a nightmare trying to keep track of them. Halfway through I gave up trying to keep an eye on the girls and tried to at least know where Payson and Ember were.  photo 786eresized_zps4e88ed93.jpg photo 833eresized_zpsabb44495.jpg

After thirty five minutes of that nonsense I insisted the kids all be in one place, at the water sprayers. They moaned and groaned about it (Sierra and Payson wanted to be off playing at the opposite end of the playground) but finally agreed and stayed nearby.  photo 836eresized_zps2bfbe482.jpg photo 838eresized_zps4f02616e.jpg
It was a big battle getting the kids to leave the place. We’d been at the railroad park for three and a half or four hours and I was like, kids- I’m done. We’re going before I pass out with exhaustion! lol

Peralta Trail

The little kids and I really needed some quality outdoors time. After dropping the girls off at school one day we drove out to the mountains for some exploring.  photo 307eresized_zpsf6e9dd05.jpg photo 311eresized_zps656d03aa.jpg photo 314eresized_zps96dd4dab.jpg photo 321eresized_zps9d0e59ad.jpg photo 327eresized_zpsb5c5c83b.jpg

I would feel comfortable saying we’re fully into summer here in Arizona. Not the 110+ temps we’ll get in the middle of summer but the weather has reached the high 80s and that, is summer to me!  photo 336eresized_zps409d819d.jpg photo 338eresized_zps39dfdb1a.jpg

It was so annoyingly sunny that day! lol  photo 346eresized_zps381b3a1d.jpg photo 353eresized_zps5b12e398.jpg photo 369eresized_zps3fd1d4dd.jpg photo 373eresized_zps19cb018c.jpg photo 395eresized_zps91fd2707.jpg photo 413eresized_zps8b5d25bb.jpg


Allan and I really want to get our kids a trampoline when we move. Until then my kids have a pretty good time jumping off furniture, toys, park equipment, and pretty much anything else that is a few feet off the ground.  photo 182eresized_zps087a3429.jpg

They all take turns. Ember usually does a little hop on the slide and then sits and slides safely down. She’s still too little for jumping.  photo 112eresized_zps7f915a06.jpg

Payson takes his jumping style very seriously.  photo 196eresized_zpsdd9ec4d7.jpg photo 199eresized_zps5fe2a4e2.jpg photo 197eresized_zps93ba0f53.jpg photo 198eresized_zps176dd8df.jpg photo 200eresized_zps393a6dfc.jpg

Sierra saw the fun Payson was having and came over for a turn.  photo 233eresized_zpsbd16f268.jpg photo 239eresized_zps1956e545.jpg

Brooklyn wanted to try then, too.
 photo 255eresized_zps0344479f.jpg