Breakfast and, Barf. Not Together.

I hadn’t taken a single picture in over a week. I made myself grab my camera this morning and snap a picture of the two little kids eating. Payson was making a mess so I’m not sharing his, but here is Ember!  photo 012resized_zps1c5df279.jpg photo 014resized_zps976e2daa.jpg photo 021resized_zps60b7ec18.jpg

A little clip of the usual giggling that goes on while eating.

I have the most epic story of vomit to tell. Sounds exciting, right? I don’t know quite what to say but figure I should at least mention my horrible night. Two nights ago one of my kids puked all over my entire house. I do mean entire house. I would tell the whole story but it’s really, really, really, really gross. It was the biggest mess I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Allan was out of town for a job interview so I had the entire mess to handle by myself! Vomit from one end of my house to the other. It took me well over an hour to clean it all! This was at 2am, by the way. I was exhausted.

Oh and we have carpet cleaners coming to clean three rooms (yes, three) because a woman trying to clean a trail of puke-covered carpet with cleaner and towels just doesn’t work well enough. So, I was also a little mad because this child (who wasn’t Ember) shouldn’t have been walking back and forth through the house barfing everywhere. Stand in the bathroom while you’re throwing up all those times!
Anyway, sorry to share but it was a really traumatic night.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast and, Barf. Not Together.

  • I feel so bad because I am laughing so hard over your vomit story. Not so much that it happened but the way you described it. Why do kids do that? When mine get sick I'm always having to yell “don't stand there! Run!!” I just don't get it. If I'm sick I'm not gonna stand there and let it run down my chest and floor. Lol. Hope said child is feeling better.

  • OMGosh! My daughter does the SAME thing with puking. She was sick last week and managed to throw up in her bed, her brother's bed (which he slept through and I didn't discover until he woke up and asked what all the crusty stuff in his hair was-GAG!) my bed, the living room, and all over the bathroom. Not a single drop landed in the toilet. I hate it when they're sick, but man…please learn to aim!

  • Oh gosh I can only imagine the chaos and smell 🙁 Luckily my daughter rarely throws up and only once on the carpet in her room. My son has wood flooring which worked out great when he was tiny and by the time he was 2-1/2 he would take himself to the toilet and throw up. I think that comes from having a mother that is petrified of puke though. I totally lose control and start panicking when anyone throws up so I think they instinctively know not to leave any mess for me to clean up as it's the one thing I really don't handle well at all. Hope said child feels better and that it wasn't a bug as it would really suck to have more puke trails to clear up… though better now before the carpet cleaner arrives!

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