Weird Guy at the Movie Theater

One Tuesday I took the little kids to the dollar theater to see Rise of the Guardians. The kids really liked the movie. Ember kept trying to run out of the aisle we were in and kept taking off her shoes and socks and then walking around. That wasn’t the most fun.
Anyway, after the movie I let the kids have a toy from the quarter machines since I had some quarters. While I was standing there watching them choose this old guy came up to me and started chatting. The conversation was so weird that I wrote it down once I got back to my car. I had also called Allan to tell him about it because it was so funny.
Here’s the convo, as written in my iPod notes. lol

Weird old guy: That’s a nice camera.
Me: Yeah, I like it, I’m glad to have it. (I NEVER know what to say when people comment on my camera!)
Weird old guy: Do you work for the Tribune?
Me, chuckling: No.
Weird old guy: You should. You could make a lot of money.
Me: Yeah. (the guy gave off a weird vibe so I made my answers short and tried not to make eye contact. lol)
Weird old guy: Photograph gangbangers. You should take pictures of gangbangers.
Me: oh really.
Weird old guy: Take pictures of gang leaders and publish them in the Tribune. They need to have their picture published. They’re murderers.
Me: silent
Weird old guy: You know who the leader is?
I shake my head while looking away (towards my kids)
Weird old guy: I do. He works at [unintelligible restaurant]…Go in there like you’re a customer and then snap a picture. Haha!! Got your picture now! Then publish it. The cops will bust them then!
Me: glance at him with a slow nod to not be rude but trying not to encourage him speaking more. lol
Weird old guy: They have MY picture! They took it and won’t give it to me. They took it and published it and spread it around the slammer newspapers! And I didn’t even do anything!
By this time I hadn’t responded but had been trying to get my kids to leave. I’d told Payson and Ember, well we really have to leave guys (hoping the guy would get the hint; he didn’t) so by then I had the kids’ hands and was guiding them away.
Weird old guy looking at Ember as we walk away: I like your girl.

That’s weird, right? lol
This was the picture I was taking when the guy said, “That’s a nice camera.”  photo 018eresized_zps08b1ab53.jpg

4 thoughts on “Weird Guy at the Movie Theater

  • Weirdo. I love these types of comments about SLRs too..”those are the cameras that take really nice pictures, right?” Ha!

  • Exactly Sara. It's always fun when 15 years worth of practice is dismissed and all the credit given to the camera.
    I try to just acknowledge that yeah, the camera does take some rocking pictures. It'd just be a little bit nice to hear that the user might know what they're doing. lol

  • It's not only weird, but scary! Especially the comment, “I like your girl” I would be tempted to call the local police and report him.

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