Eating Out

Me and the little kids eat out about once a week. It seems like so much more when I go back through my pictures and I think it’s because I hardly ever take pictures of anything else anymore. But when we go out and I’m sitting there waiting for the kids to finish eating, I just snap away.  photo 006eresized_zpseaa652cb.jpg

One week (three weeks ago, I think) we ate at Costco after a shopping trip.  photo 007eresixzed_zps0dc69ff7.jpg

A week or so later we went to Village Inn because I’d been craving chicken fried steak like crazy. And have been ever since but… it’s not the healthiest so I have only had it twice. I’d love to eat it every day, though. ha  photo 023resized_zpse5e00cdc.jpg photo 025resized_zps5c6ed4cd.jpg

There was a really long wait that day. It was free pie day. I didn’t know that ahead of time or I’d probably have stayed home. I didn’t really mind the wait that much. Our waitress felt bad and gave me and the kids free drinks.  photo 026resized_zpsc6de2296.jpg

Payson does the goofiest smiles for the camera.  photo 028resizxed_zps8d12c0b6.jpg

While waiting for our food I taught Payson to cut with a fork and knife. Ember watched and then attempted it herself.  photo 034eresized_zps375d0e21.jpg

One thought on “Eating Out

  • Your kids are just precious!

    Our kids are in college now but hubby and I try to eat out once a week together too….gives us some good “talk time” while we wait for food!

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