CoSleeping/Extended Breastfeeding Update

Ember is 2 years and almost 7 months old. In a few days she’ll be 31 months old.

She still nurses every day but she’s cut back so much. It used to be every two hours around the clock (day and night), now she nurses in the mornings and before bed and only as much as I let her during the day. Sometimes that’s maybe once and sometimes that’s four or five times within a few hours… kind of a nursing spree. But most of the day she’s not nursing. She definitely doesn’t get much nutrition from nursing. Maybe 20% of her needs is met by my milk. My supply really dropped when I got pregnant. There’s only once a day (in the mornings, after she’s slept through the night) where I can hear her gulping.

As far as cosleeping, she falls asleep while nursing on the couch or she just lays on the couch and falls asleep (I don’t know why, but that is her favorite place to fall asleep) and then I pick her up and carry her to her big girl bed. She generally sleeps until 6:30am! But, a couple times a week she wakes up earlier and comes and crawls into bed with me. About half the time I don’t even notice, I just wake up with my shirt down and her nursing away. lol  photo 212eresized_zpsa5514798.jpg

Some mornings she wakes up when I get up to get the kids ready for school. Other mornings, my favorite mornings, she stays asleep until I wake her up to get in the car.  photo 213eresized_zps29e02b52.jpg

So things are going really well!  photo 215eresized_zps3ac64fa7.jpg
Oh and as far as naps go, she’s a willing napper now, too. We lay together in her bed and she falls asleep. I can very easily slip out and she’ll sleep for an hour to three hours, the length of her nap depending on if she’s sick, if she slept well at night… the usual toddler stuff. Most of the time she sleeps for two hours.
In fact, the only thing that ruins her naps is Payson. I’ve tried a million things to get him to stay out of her room and be quiet for fifteen minutes when it’s time for her to go to sleep but nothing works. Usually I end up telling him that he won’t get lunch if he wakes her up one more time! Since that boy’s favorite thing on earth is food, it works well.
It’s probably not a good threat since I wouldn’t follow through, but he’s never pushed it! lol

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