I’m Thirty Years Old

It’s not so hard to blog, is it? I just have to sit here for five minutes, copy and paste a few pictures, write a few sentences. Certainly even in the depths of my pregnancy sickness fog I can accomplish that?

The pictures I’m posting today were taken back in March, on my 30th birthday.
I spent the last half of my twenties dreading turning 30- by the time my birthday rolled around I was plum worn out from the sadness of aging and ready to say, I’m glad I’m 30.

Because I’m sure when I turn 35 (and it will come fast!) I’ll look back and say to myself, why didn’t you enjoy being 30?! Now you’re 35! And then 40 will come speeding around the corner. And on and on. So, I’m just going to be glad I’m 30. I’m not young and naive. I’m older, wiser, and am SO much happier at 30 than at 20. I’d like my 20 year old body back, but… things are going to go [more] downhill from here so I should probably appreciate the body I have now, as squishy and saggy as it already is! lol  photo 091e2resized_zps5cfa4c6a.jpg

And though I feel tired and sometimes really sad that I spent every single last second of my twenties taking care of other people, I’m really glad to have so many people to love on. Because that’s all life is about. Love.  photo 104e2resized_zpsdf83e10c.jpg photo 114eresized_zps9d078e8f.jpg photo 127eresized_zps56f55176.jpg photo 139eresized_zps852ce62c.jpg
PS- thanks for all the congrats on my pregnancy. It was a huge surprise to us and having the excitement shared by others makes it that much more special 🙂

6 thoughts on “I’m Thirty Years Old

  • Happy belated birthday! I'm 30 as well and I am loving it! Also, I hope your pregnancy gets better soon. I can't imagine doing all you do and being so sick! Hang in there!

  • You said it right – That's what life is all about – Love! Congratulations again on the new baby coming! And I hope you get to feeling better from your pregnancy yucks!

  • Happy birthday! I hear you on the whole taking care of everyone else for an entire decade. Haven't made it there quite yet but will be there in 2 years. Sometimes I find myself sitting on the couch on a Friday night, like tonight, thinking, “Man, aren't people my age supposed to be out partying or something?” but really, I'm right where I'm meant to be 🙂

    I love Payson's face in the one of you (I think) nursing Ember!

  • Happy Belated birthday! I remember I freaked out when I turned 29 as it was my last birthday in my 20s. When I turned 30 I was over freaking out and loved it! My 30s were awesome. I got married and had both my kids, bought our first house, etc. I'm turning 42 next weekend… gasp. THAT feels old but age really is just a number. I act like I'm about 12 and look younger than my years so it's all good! Hope you feel better soon. I had no sickness with my daughter but felt sick for about 5 months with my son. No fun at all!

  • Don't feel bad about not blogging as much or I'll feel terrible. I've been neglecting my blog and all I've got is one kiddo. I didn't realize that you'd turned 30 this year. (Where did all the time go?) That's a great age. Dunno why I'm freaking out about my upcoming birthday. It shouldn't be any sort of big deal.
    BTW- You look gorgeous! And your family is just precious.

  • Happy Belated birthday! I remember being so distraught over 30 and funnily enough turning 40 didn't phase me. LOL
    Congrats on #5! This will make your 3rd pregnancy I have followed on your blog. Y'all make beautiful babies. 🙂

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