Pouty Face

Pregnancy is no fun at all. At least the first 4 months aren’t. At all. In fact, I decided I hate them and want them to end. Can time please go by faster because the last week has felt like a year.
I haven’t felt like touching my camera at all. I haven’t felt like doing anything besides laying on my couch in my misery. I feel sorry for my poor family dealing with me when I’m pregnant, I pretty much suck.

Last week, or two weeks ago I guess, Allan didn’t shave for like 10 days. He had some major scruff going on. When the day came that he wanted to shave he first gave himself a goatee and then a mustache before shaving smooth. It was weird and creepy. lol
I decided this was picture worthy and took some pictures of the progress. I haven’t asked him if I can share them online so I won’t, but, while my camera was out Ember came running over begging for pictures. I guess with my being sick and a camera not being in her face every day she’s going through withdrawals. lol. Not really but the girl does love having her picture taken.

It also just so happens that that was the day she’d fallen into a wall while running and playing with the other kids and beat up her nose pretty well. It was swollen and red and freaked me the heck out. I iced it and then fifteen minutes later kept touching it with increasing pressure (nothing too firm, though!) to see if she would cry or wince, trying to make sure it wasn’t broken.
In the end she was totally fine. And the swelling and redness was gone by the next morning. So, that’s why my poor baby looks like a clown in these pictures.  photo 099eresized_zpsbe666165.jpg photo 109eresized_zps19dc43fc.jpg

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