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My kids, the little ones, are obsessed with babies. Payson pretends he’s pregnant all the live long day. Both he and Ember breastfeed their babies all throughout the day. They bring their babies with us on errands, they point out all the babies in the store, they’re just plain old obsessed!  photo 007eresized_zpse727e729.jpg

Payson was crazy excited when he found out that we were going to the doctor to see the baby growing in mommy’s tummy!  photo 008eresized_zps79890526.jpg

I didn’t know if he’d be able to tell what was on the screen or if the pixelated weirdness of ultrasounds would lessen his excitement. I told him ahead of time that we’d only see a little dot or a small bouncy ball shaped thing and that would be the baby!
The minute he saw that tiny little blob on the screen and I told him I could see the heart beating he was giggling and happy because I’d told him all along (since we found out I was pregnant) that we wouldn’t know for sure if we were having another baby until we saw the baby and the baby’s heartbeat.
So. Yep. Baby #5 will be joining us in early November!  photo 015eresized_zps516d7137.jpg
A few more little-kids-pretend-breastfeeding pictures and also some early pregnancy ones of me (yikes) below!

In this next picture Ember is making a sucking sound while her baby nurses. It cracks me up that she always does a slurping sound even though she doesn’t make sounds like that when she nurses.  photo 029eresized_zpsf12a8963.jpg photo 035eresiezd_zps01814eb7.jpg photo KidsPlayNursing_zpse196f6a1.jpg

9 weeks along.  photo 455eresized_zps4e9f9e97.jpg

The photo on the right, below, is when I was 8 weeks along.  photo 8weeks_zps92629673.jpg
I’ll do a separate post about the kids’ reactions. Allan and I sat down with each kid alone at different times to tell them. Each reaction was adorable.

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