Elle Me Dit

This morning I was scrolling through my google reader and saw this music video for Mika’s song Elle Me Dit, on cjane’s blog.
I’ve been replaying it over and over ever since. Totally brightened my miserable day (long story, will share later) and has me smiling.
The little kids hurried over and watched and within seconds their little hips and shoulders were wiggling and bouncing. It turned into a full blown dance party with a stop only to push replay. Payson was giggling like mad and Ember was boogying so much she embarrassed herself and that little hand went up to her mouth to conceal a grin.
I can understand a teensy bit of French, enough to get the meaning of the song but not enough to really understand it all. I went in search of the lyrics and found this awesome translation.
Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie? Danse, danse, danse!
Wise words 🙂

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