Yard Work

I’m glad the yard isn’t my job. I don’t like pulling weeds out of rocks!  photo 529eresized_zps8ff32ab1.jpg

With summer approaching and knowing we’re about to put our house back on the market, Allan has been out there tackling our overgrown, dead yard a lot the last two weeks. He brings a helper with him 🙂  photo 537eresized_zpsf4c18908.jpg photo 541eresized_zps0a0a8729.jpg

One thought on “Yard Work

  • Yard work is the WORST! You're lucky to have a good helper 🙂 Last summer we paid the kids $0.05 per weed that they pulled….and they piled up fast! We put out a lot of grass seed last fall and are hoping to rejuvenate our once-beautiful lawn this year. It's so hard keeping up with it though!!

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