Taking a Walk with the Kids

I try to take a walk every day. The little kids love going on walks.  photo 551eresized_zps3dfa3ddc.jpg

I bring the stroller for when we walk along the busier road in our neighborhood. And for the last few minutes of the walk home since neither kid is in a great mood by then (wanting to stay outside all night!) and pushing them quickly home the last two blocks is better than standing there calling their names every five seconds and telling them to “just.keep.walking!”  photo 554eresized_zps1bfaa086.jpg photo 556eresized_zpsebaf570b.jpg photo 559eresized_zpsc0024d64.jpg photo 561eresized_zps7b174e50.jpg

Lately everything is a competition between the little kids. On walks Payson will start running as fast as he can and calls back over his shoulder to Ember, “I’m going to win!!” Which pisses her off and she cries or screams at him OR runs over to wear he is and insists she won. It doesn’t matter to her if she got there first, she’ll argue with him for twenty minutes that she won. It’s exhausting. Brooklyn and Sierra never fought like this! Here he was lining them up to race to me.  photo 582eresized_zps596d7276.jpg

We got to the busier road and Ember cried for about five minutes about having to ride in the stroller as we walked down it. I tried to tell her she could walk again by the tree (I pointed one out down the road) but she didn’t care.  photo 592eresized_zps4b7cc884.jpg

2 thoughts on “Taking a Walk with the Kids

  • This post makes me happy. Not because your kids need to be prodded along and wheeled home in a stroller….but because it makes me feel normal. haha Walks with little kids always start out fun, and then they end out NOT being fun at all. šŸ˜‰

  • Who ever told you that you shouldn't let your kids ride in stroller should relax a bit. There is no problem with kids riding in a stroller even when they are older unless they are obese, deprived of activity and fed purely processed food (which is not the case in your house!). Sorry to get on my soap box, but you do not need to stress about or apologize for letting your pre-elementary school kids ride in a stroller. I took my boys to a museum today and my five year old was tired and wanted to ride in a stroller. I borrowed one from the museum and he rode in it most of the time. By the time we left, he was no longer tired or grumpy. šŸ™‚

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