Sprouts is where we buy our grass fed beef and surprisingly they have affordable produce. Their peppers are almost always on sale and we eat a lot of peppers in our family. I try to make a trip out there once a week. Sometimes I don’t plan ahead very well and end up needing to take a trip there during the evening when the older girls are home. I greatly prefer to go shopping with only two kids. It’s so much easier to keep track of two than four. Even four well behaved children are double the effort of two!  photo 108eresized_zpscd9dc17d.jpg

Payson has a really hard time keeping his hands off the fruit and veggies. I almost always have him put the fruit in bags and then in the cart. It helps him to feel that he’s an active part of the shopping trip. Otherwise within minutes he’s grabby grabby with every single thing he spies.
Ember wants to walk at least 75% of the time and that 75% of the time is crazy stressful for me. She never runs away from me but she does like to walk into other people’s carts or other people or grab at everything, too. She is usually given the lighter items to put in the cart and that helps the grabby-ness.  photo 114eresized_zps4e100be7.jpg

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