More of that Rain!

It was raining, which you know, is my favorite thing ever. Payson asked if we could go outside which I said ‘of course!’ to.
But. It was cold. The wind chill was crazy that day. Buuurrrr. Not too cold to be outside for me, but definitely for the little kids. They were hilarious while outside though. Ember kept getting that little kid face when the wind blowed on her… where they catch their breath and their eyes open up huge? Haha, so cute!  photo 388eresized_zps749516e4.jpg photo 389eresized_zpscc1d1ea1.jpg photo 400eresized_zps5f1a74b3.jpg photo 401eresized_zpsd8ad4e0d.jpg

It was soooo windy and cold I decided to pick the girls up from the bus stop. I prefer picking them up anyway (because I’m overprotective) but they loooove when I let them walk home. I figured they wouldn’t enjoy walking in the cold. So off we went.  photo 407eresized_zpsa8728420.jpg photo 409eresized_zps031075ea.jpg photo 420eresized_zps0bf30879.jpg

When I spotted the girls getting off the bus I was glad I drove down. Sierra wasn’t wearing her sweater. Crazy girl. She said it’s because she just didn’t want to get it out of her backpack and she was really glad we picked them up!  photo 426eresized_zpse2957c65.jpg

We drove past a flooded area of the desert as we drove home.  photo 444eresized_zps11350cb5.jpg

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