Fun for Littles on a Rainy Day

It was a glorious, cozy, rainy day. The younger kids and I pulled out all of our fun little activities to play with while listening to the rain fall outside.  photo 245eresized_zpsbcc1e64b.jpg photo 250eresized_zpsfd3d68c5.jpg photo 275eresized_zps8891d274.jpg

My kids love playing with the bananagrams letter tiles.  photo 281eresized_zps8a4578bb.jpg photo 304eresized_zps3c0762d1.jpg

I took a few pictures of our sopping backyard.  photo 284eresized_zps3330e121.jpg

And the view past our back fence.  photo 291eresized_zpsc13e3e0e.jpg photo 293eresized_zps25383bc6.jpg

After quite a long time playing with those letter tiles we switched to threading beads.  photo 318eresized_zpsab9f31a6.jpg photo 335eresized_zpsfb2d5331.jpg

Payson was thrilled with the necklace he made. He still wears it occasionally as do the other kids.  photo 343eresized_zpsee511502.jpg

Watching the rain while mommy finishes cooking lunch.  photo 372eresized_zps62462268.jpg

2 thoughts on “Fun for Littles on a Rainy Day

  • I looo-oooove the color of Ember's diaper 🙂 So pretty.
    We had to ditch cloth diapering when Colton started daycare because they won't let us use them there…and there's no point in just using cloth diapers every third day at home. There would never be enough to justify a load of laundry. I'm hoping to dive back into it this summer when we have in-home childcare and I can do whatever I want with my kid's butt!!

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