A Post Full of Random Photos

Ember’s outfit one day.  photo 006eresized_zps37709d7b.jpg

Payson was playing Super Mario World.  photo 020eresized_zpsb247f742.jpg

We have a boatload of dolls around here and all four of my kids have been obsessed with them. They fight over them constantly. Each one of my kids has two babies of their own and yet they are always, always arguing over who gets to play with which doll. Drives me nuts.
Ember had a big old group of babies one night that she was tending to.  photo 029eresized_zps63781ac2.jpg

One of her dolls had a little spot of brown marker. Ember said it was an owie and the baby needed a bandaid. I brought out a box of bandaids for her to use to bandage those babies right up.  photo 051eresized_zps02f2aec5.jpg

It wasn’t long before Ember was fixing up her own (invisible) owies as well.  photo 059eresized_zpsc00c4a46.jpg

Allan had been working on the couch while I played with Ember. He’s spent almost every night of the last month working at home in the evenings. He’s had a lot of emailing, application stuff, thank you letters, and blah blah boring stuff to do in his job search. There’s a HECK of a lot of news about that subject (all good news!) that I’ll share as soon as he decides which job to go with!  photo 044eresized_zps5a9dec8e.jpg

This was probably the next day. Payson and Ember were playing with their babies and kept making them kiss. We’re a very kissy family and I just love spying my kids with their little puckered up lips during playtime. So cute!
 photo 078eresized_zps77dc5418.jpg photo 083eresized_zpsb06c3dcb.jpg

One thought on “A Post Full of Random Photos

  • I'm really excited to see where life takes you guys. I know that packing/moving really really sucks (we went through it together last time!!) but I'm sure you'll be happy to do it this time knowing you'll be getting away from the desert and to a place that will make you so much happier.
    Also, I think it's so cool that you guys have an original Nintendo game system. That's what I played growing up! Would be really fun to play some Tetris or Dr Mario 🙂

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