Ember Meets the Food Processor

I used to own a food processor. It broke last year and I never got around to replacing it.
I finally bought a new one a couple of weeks ago. I used it that night to grate cheese for our dinner. I noticed that while the food processor was on (and loud) Ember had her hands over her ears and staring intently at the food processor. It was so cute! I didn’t take a picture then but the next time I used it and noticed her doing the same thing I had to go get my camera!
Nervously watching the food processor while it’s off.  photo 566eresized_zpsf74d5e3a.jpg photo 572eresized_zpsdcec09f1.jpg

And then once it’s on!  photo 573eresized_zps902fe416.jpg photo 575eresized_zpsfa1d65d6.jpg photo 576eresized_zps1df29fdc.jpg photo 577eresized_zpsc6c6814d.jpg photo 581eresized_zpse903a2cc.jpg

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