Clogged Milk Duct

Man I had the worst clogged milk duct tonight. I typed all about it and then realized that no one cares to read about that. lol
What finally got it unclogged was that trick where you nurse your baby (or toddler in my case) while they’re laying down and you’re kneeling over them. It’s the weirdest thing but it totally worked. Miracle.
So yeah, that was what my 1am looked like.  photo 001eresized_zps15814e96.jpg
This was me nursing Ember and googling tips, right before I cleared up the clogged duct. You can see that I was holding a heating pad on my boob. lol

One thought on “Clogged Milk Duct

  • I wish I'd have known that trick!! I had the WORST clogged duct when I was nursing Colton and tried every trick in the book…nothing really worked until I switched bras 😉 Then the problem was solved.

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