WalMart Again.

I try not to take too many photos at WalMart because, I figure it’d be kinda boring to have a million pictures of my kids at a store. But I always have my camera on me and this day while I was shopping Payson climbed under the cart to hide from me and I couldn’t resist taking his picture after I fake searched for him all over the place. He loved it when I played around by walking up and down the aisle and up and down again looking all around and calling his name.  photo 109eresized_zpsd64f42c1.jpg

I was looking at something near these glasses. Payson, as he does every time he spots glasses in a store, just had to try them on.  photo 116eresizsed_zpsb52c784a.jpg

I stood there laughing like a moron at my kids. After trying on a few pairs, giggling the whole time, I pulled out my camera to catch it forever on “film.”  photo 119eresized_zpsd4d97e7f.jpg

A lady came down the aisle as I was taking these pictures and started talking to the kids and chuckling herself over their stylish little selves.  photo 124eresized_zps4ec0f445.jpg photo 127eresized_zpsd1772452.jpg

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