Health Problems

I’ve had some health stuff going on. Nothing I want to blog about but I will blog about the dietary changes I made! I cut out gluten, all grains, dairy, and anything processed; I was starting the paleo diet.. I went to Sprouts to stock up on healthy stuff. A full fridge makes it easier to choose wisely.
On the drive home from Sprouts Allan called and I let Payson talk to him.  photo 544eresized_zps515137dc.jpg

I was excited about having so many healthy choices.  photo 552eresized_zps2867e280.jpg

I just really like food. A lot.  photo 553eresized_zps3b9ffc0f.jpg

This was three weeks ago, this food is all gone now. The only thing I didn’t like on this whole table was the eggplant. BARF! I will never eat that crap again. Oh my gosh, so gross.  photo 555resized_zps220b918e.jpg photo 556eresized_zps3620953a.jpg

Any time we come home from a grocery strip the kids raid the food for a snack.  photo 560eresized_zpsff849159.jpg photo 561eresized_zps464aa03d.jpg

I’ve been rebuilding our spice collection since I went through our cupboard a week ago and got rid of all the old spices and spices we never use.  photo 565eresized_zps1a25ffbd.jpg

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