Haircut for Payson!

I don’t know if you noticed in the last few posts that Payson was in desperate need of a trim. This had been the very longest he’d ever gone without a haircut in the four years he’s been alive.
His hair grows crazy fast and has since he was an infant. The last time I gave him a haircut and messed it up so dramatically I vowed I was never cutting his hair again! I don’t have a lot of faith in hair dressers, either, after a hundred botched haircuts from my lifetime… so I made the only logical choice I could. Payson would have long hair. lol!

The problem is, I really, really can’t stand long hair on boys. I know some women like it or even *gasp* prefer it, but not me. I LOVE short hair on boys. But, I’m not good at cutting hair and I don’t want to spend $20 for someone else to do it every month!

All that to say, it was finally time to just get it over with. And, I didn’t do too bad.  photo 325eresized_zps7ca85a54.jpg

He loves attention. He had a skip in his step on the way outside to take these photos of his new haircut. lol  photo 334eresized_zpsd36cc1d8.jpg photo 340eresized_zps073a8735.jpg photo 365eresized_zpsfdd4c101.jpg photo 370eresized_zps99a20360.jpg photo 393eresized_zpsbca960c0.jpg

I’m sorry there are so many but, he’s just so cute!!  photo 400eresized_zps204dc8d2.jpg

Ember was out there, too. Having a good time.  photo 429eresized_zps3c51bb6d.jpg photo 442eresized_zps27103980.jpg

Payson was talking about how snakes would come out and gobble up their nose, and toes, and head, and mouth! Ember guarded her head.  photo 495eresized_zpsce25a120.jpg

And guarded her knees.  photo 497eresized_zpsd326945e.jpg

And said, “Nake, no eat my mouf!”  photo 506eresized_zps405ca8a1.jpg photo 526eresized_zps3220a07e.jpg

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