That Ember Fairy

Making Ember’s fairy outfit has been a bit of a challenge. I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to do and when I finally got an idea and drew it out I had a hard time making what I wanted without a pattern. I finished it up one day a couple weeks ago and wasn’t happy with it. I thought I was going to rework the parts I hated but in the end I ditched the entire project and made a completely different dress. Which I’ll share here just as soon as I find another twenty minute block of time to blog! ha

The completed outfit:  photo 588eresized_zps798eb9f1.jpg

 photo 599eresized_zpscd5e5ad8.jpg

And my favorite part was the wings!  photo 605eresized_zps7f795f2c.jpg

I wish it had looked better because little Ember thought it was just about the best thing ever!! She loves dress up and pranced around for half the day it in! I couldn’t get her to let me take it off 🙂  photo 625eresized_zps668baabc.jpg

See that top part of the shirt? I wish I hadn’t used that shirt at all, that I’d just sewn a full dress from scratch and then added the details to that. I actually might, I have plenty of fabric left over.  photo 650eresized_zps6b7fd917.jpg

Did I mention she was loving it?
 photo 678eresized_zpse647d051.jpg photo 717eresized_zpsdb04892e.jpg

The biggest thing that bothered me about the top was the fact that the lacey trim part is supposed to come up over her chest. The placement was all wrong once I sewed it on.  photo 743eresized_zps28b9ab65.jpg

I also don’t like the ruffly sleeves. If I do it all over I’ll make one very simple dress (not two pieces) with basic tank sleeves and the same type of skirt bottom (but maybe with more volume)  photo 754eresized_zpsdf6ea369.jpg

At this point I was feeling bummmmmmed out but didn’t want to start over! I decided to take her outside for a few photos to try to see from a different perspective if I could easily fix the outfit.  photo 825eresized_zpse5cb3f58.jpg
She’s a cutie pie but, I couldn’t get over the many mistakes in the dress. So… I started from scratch on a completely different dress! Different color scheme, different material, different style! I’ll post those as soon as I get to them in my “to blog” folder. I have a few other posts to finish up (just because they happened first chronologically) and then I’ll post the new fairy outfit. There is a photo of it on my facebook page if you want to see. (Facebook link is on the right side of my blog, near the top)

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