Preschool! My Favorite!

I finally got around to buying new storage containers for all the little kids’ preschool stuff.  photo 543eresized_zps7df3a536.jpg

I now have four plastic storage containers. Two containers are the supplies I don’t let them have free access to. Like paint. And the other two containers (pictured) are where I keep the supplies they can get to without much supervision.  photo 547eresized_zpsa495bbaa.jpg photo 549eresized_zps7bec7329.jpg photo 550eresized_zps602f75f5.jpg photo 552eresized_zps7c2815e3.jpg

Ember wanted me to show her which letters went to her family members’ names. You can see D, M, B, S, P, E for Daddy, Mommy, Brooklyn, Sierra, Payson, and Ember. There are a few extra there because we were moving on and learning about other letter sounds. (My favorite part of the picture is that she added a W to the end, upside down, and said, “‘Nother mommy!” ( Nother= another)  photo 554resized_zps7f00e57a.jpg

A lot of the stuff I use with them is stuff every other mom uses. One thing they loved finding in their boxes was a roll of bubble wrap. I found some at the dollar store and they loved popping the bubbles. Good for small motor skills, fun for all 😉  photo 564eresized_zps47e6af4a.jpg

My mom called me in the middle of our school time. I took the phone in the kitchen and was gone maybe five to ten minutes.  photo 575eresized_zps061ff7fb.jpg

They made a mess, of course. I was bummed about all those baby wipes being pulled out. I meant for those to be in there for quick paint clean up. Oh well.  photo 579eresized_zps32680f7b.jpg

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