Two Children Named Trouble

Payson and Ember. Oh the pair of them. It’s astonishing how much easier it is when the older girls are at school; it’s amazing how much easier two are than four.
But. BUT. It is not easy. It’s easier. It’s not easy. It’s anything but. Payson is so mischievous. Ember follows happily behind. It’s a bit intense most days trying to keep them in sight so that they’re not running off at every chance they get to destroy stuff.  photo 009eresized_zps098c95f4.jpg

What? What’s that on little Miss Ember’s hands? Oh you know, just some black paint.
Black paint from the very top shelf of a bookshelf in the play room. I still don’t know how Payson got to it. When I found the naughty little children painting their slide I did not find any large items or furniture pushed up near that bookshelf. It doesn’t have lower shelves to climb on, either. So, it’s still a mystery.
What’s not a mystery: how much fun they had making a mess.  photo 025eresized_zpsb8c29676.jpg

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