It Snowed in Arizona!!

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This was on a Tuesday, February 19th.
I didn’t think I’d ever be so lucky as to see it snow in Arizona! I’m so happy that though we’re moving, this was the year it snowed, the last year we’ll ever live here! Allan spent most of his life here and he says this is the first time he’s seen it snow in Arizona! Just so so cool!  photo 224eresized_zps3810a6e0.jpg

It was chilly that day early in the morning. It also rained. When I noticed the rain I got really excited about taking the little kids outside to splash around. We were busy doing something or other (can’t remember) and couldn’t get outside just then. Allan was home from work that day (so rare!!) because we had a repair guy coming. He and I both kept looking out the window at the rain, just enjoying the cloudy skies and comforting feeling of it all. One minute I was looking outside and noticed these giant white dots. At first I thought it must be hail but, they were larger and fluffier. I almost couldn’t imagine that they could possibly be snowflakes. Just as I was about to comment on them to Allan he spoke up, “Ariana, it’s snowing!” He asked me if I was going to go outside and I said, “Of course! Yeah, I’m going to take the kids out!”
And that’s exactly what I did!  photo 019eresized_zps26c4d7f9.jpg photo 026eresized_zps677dc5c0.jpg photo 033eresized_zps78d2ee6c.jpg photo 064eresized_zps0555ce68.jpg

I was excited and having an awesome time outside, the kids were having a good time but the snow didn’t make any more impact on them than rain would. Snowflakes, raindrops- the craziness of snow in Arizona was lost on them. lol  photo 068eresized_zpsf6806cbe.jpg photo 076e3resized_zps4b3904a6.jpg photo 080eresized_zps7b8ffb08.jpg photo 086eresized_zpsc2915a05.jpg photo 090eresized_zps970712fd.jpg

The kids’ toys floated down the gutter to the desert into this rock area set up at the end of our street. Once last summer I told Payson not to go on the rocks because snakes hide out there (because legit we get rattle snakes over there, mostly during summer) and ever since he’s been terrified of that area. He asks me each and every time he wants to walk out on the rocks if it’s ok and most of the time he insists I walk out there and check for snakes first. Despite that area being flooded with rain water he still was skeptical and almost wouldn’t go retrieve his toy. I don’t mind, while we live in the desert, that he has a fear of snakes and is careful about where he steps!  photo 092eresized_zpsb42d5571.jpg photo 102eresized_zpsa6c3c52f.jpg

Thanks to getting his toy out of the icey water, Payson started screaming about his freezing hands. I told him to run over to Allan (who’d been watching from the porch) and that daddy would take him inside to get warm. Payson ignored me, choosing instead to stand there and scream and cry some more.  photo 111eresized_zps38e0f3ab.jpg

I said okay, okay, and we headed back towards our house. Ember wanted to stop and send her ball down the water one more time. (She did NOT want to go inside yet!)  photo 116eresized_zpsd5b907e2.jpg photo 127eresized_zps5d0500e7.jpg

Inside I put the kids in a very warm bath to thaw and I sat near them but staring out the window at the snow, wishing I was back outside to experience it!!  photo 164e2resized_zpsba298cc0.jpg

I bundled the kids up in towels and took a picture from the porch as the snow kept falling.  photo 174eresized_zps83d5cc78.jpg

I got the kids dressed up warmly and stuck them in front of the TV and told Allan I was going to run outside for just five minutes to take a few more pictures. I mean, it is sooo not every day you see snow in the desert for crying out loud!  photo 191e2resized_zps3c8af9e1.jpg photo 187eresized_zps087e8787.jpg

Despite being into photography for 15 years, I have never photographed falling snow! I was momentarily stumped on how to capture it. Slow shutter speed to have the blurry flakes falling down? Quick shutter speed to freeze the flakes mid fall? In the end I did some of both.  photo 199eresized_zps2ccde430.jpg photo 200eresized_zps7291ac8c.jpg photo 204eresized_zpsef7a2140.jpg photo 212eresized_zpscbd2cb49.jpg photo 213eresized_zps55473dee.jpg photo 214eresized_zps9ca48f78.jpg photo 216eresized_zpsca550768.jpg

Forgive me for posting so many, a landscape/nature photographer I am most definitely not, but I couldn’t resist snapping away. It all looked so foreign. Snow on cactus!  photo 221eresized_zps41233612.jpg photo 222eresized_zps4200622b.jpg photo 224e2resized_zps77146558.jpg photo 229eresized_zps1a4814fb.jpg photo 233eresized_zpse6757527.jpg photo 238eresized_zpsbbd907fd.jpg photo 240eresized_zpsc880666e.jpg photo 246eresized_zps3d899502.jpg photo 252eresized_zpsa942f0b7.jpg photo 256eresized_zps74dff095.jpgOkay, that’s it! Thanks for “experiencing” my snowy desert day with me 🙂

5 thoughts on “It Snowed in Arizona!!

  • What an awesome thing to experience. The photos are all beautiful. That must have been so interesting to witness snow falling in the desert.

  • Awe. I bet they loved the snow fall! I live in the White Mountains of Arizona and am tired of the snow storms haha so not fun after the 3rd one. Last weekend we drove to GLendale and it snowed on us right before we got into Superior. We were in shock too. haha

    Your photos are lovely!!

  • Your pictures look great! I love that you stop and take the time to capture things like this. I'm in Indiana and have had enough of the snow myself. So happy to see you and your children enjoying it, though.

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