Red Mountain Park

The girls had a day off school a few weeks ago so we went to Red Mountain Park for a picnic, some playing, and some fishing!
We stopped at WalMart for some food.  photo 389eresized_zps4f81bf0b.jpg

My kids would eat lunchables every day if I let them.  photo 393eresized_zpsed744991.jpg

We hadn’t been to that park in a year and were surprised to get there and find all of the playground equipment replaced with new stuff! The kids were really excited over the new stuff!  photo 406eresized_zps0ffb768a.jpg

There was this rope web thing that Ember was especially fond of.  photo 429eresized_zps165e4f8b.jpg photo 455eresized_zpsd6b247c8.jpg

After playing on the spinning toy with the older girls, Payson came over and joined Ember on the ropes.  photo 461eresized_zps19f24241.jpg

Brooklyn and Sierra stayed on that spinning thing almost the entire time. There were lots of parents there, tons of dads and grandpas, who kept it spinning near constantly!  photo 469eresized_zpsdf368a14.jpg photo 478eresized_zps50ba4bac.jpg photo 491eresized_zps6117b3b1.jpg photo 523bwresized_zps047f83ad.jpg

Payson was somewhat fearful of climbing too high but little Ember climbed as far up as possible!  photo 527eresized_zps3939bda7.jpg

Eventually the big girls joined the little kids.
 photo 536eresized_zpsf714723f.jpg

The bars holding up the ropes were interesting to the kids, too.  photo 557eresized_zps44f87562.jpg photo 558eresized_zpsf5ede7e8.jpg photo 562eresized_zps672ccc7c.jpg photo 571eresized_zps1475f139.jpg

We headed over to the lake to feed the birds.  photo 577ereized_zps81162b14.jpg photo 580eresized_zpsc2fb03ea.jpg photo 590eresized_zps3b8f6bba.jpg photo 598eresized_zps4898c1a9.jpg

After using up our bread we walked around to a different part of the lake to fish.  photo 621resized_zps721dbeb3.jpg photo 625resized_zpsfc96c95b.jpg photo 632eresized_zpsa3e0aa6c.jpg photo 639eresized_zps4a3b3974.jpg

My kids kept walking in front of people and blocking everyone’s way (they do this 100% of the time) so I had them walk in a line. I heard somewhere online or maybe on TV about a mom who’d tell her kids to “walk like ducks” in a line. I tell my kids that now all the time so that they stay single file. Keeping them in line no longer has me calling out for so and so to get out of the way or walk beside me, I only need to say, “Someone’s not being a duck!” and whoever was walking in front of someone or blocking the way falls back in line. Whew. (Just to clarify, they only walk in line when on paths or at a store, not everywhere we go! lol!)  photo 649eresized_zps4e5a3e80.jpg

Fishing didn’t go well at all. My kids were whining and fighting with each other… I think we lasted about ten or fifteen minutes tops before I decided it was time to leave.  photo 653eresized_zpsf053b54e.jpg

Before going home we stopped at Sprouts for groceries.  photo 661eresized_zpsd69d05af.jpg photo 666eresized_zps9c93cc46.jpg

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