Park Play

An overabundance of pictures from the park. It’s that time of year! Sorry in advance. I try not to take that many pictures because I have a million from the same old park already but… when I spend hours and hours and hours of my life there, it tends to get photographed.  photo 203eresized_zpsa5292aa9.jpg photo 204eresized_zpsa27497c4.jpg photo 207eresized_zps95fce63e.jpg photo 208eresized_zps3ce0a1e8.jpg

We own one pair of binoculars. My kids have fought over them like crazy lately. This day Brooklyn had a turn with them.  photo 215eresized_zpsa57847aa.jpg

This particular slide is faster than the others at the playground. I love how Ember sits at the top of it and then turns around and holds her hand out, motioning for me to come help her slide down, “Mere, mom! Help me, mommy!” (Mere= come here)  photo 217eresized_zps0a0f7b1c.jpg photo 222eresized_zps64e96c68.jpg

Brooklyn found this rock that she thought looked just like a giant tooth,  photo 238eresized_zpsaf859d2b.jpg

Allan did his favorite thing to do at the park, climbed around the entire outside of the playground equipment like a monkey 🙂  photo 268eresized_zpsc32c0400.jpg

Sierra decided to throw stuff off the playground bridge.  photo 297eresized_zps401a5c1e.jpg

Ember held out her foot to hvae me take off her shoes. Before doing that I couldn’t resist taking a couple pictures because, how cute is she?!
 photo 305eresized_zps8f31eb4a.jpg photo 306eresized_zpsce13a5d6.jpg photo 310eresized_zps032a1480.jpg

Shoes off, time for socks.
 photo 312eresized_zpse262230a.jpg photo 317eresized_zpsa9fe1a8c.jpg

We spent a lot more time playing together and then I snapped one last picture before heading home.
 photo 360eresized_zpse2043f51.jpg

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  • Those last few pics make me so happy because the other day at the park I let my kids take off their shoes and my friend thought I was crazy. Lol. Love Embers outfit. And that last photo is frame worthy. 🙂

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