These Were Taken Weeks Ago

My creativity for title writing is nonexistent.

I walked into our front room to find Payson hanging out on his slide looking at books.  photo 004eresized_zpsd0ecf176.jpg

Jumping on the bed.
 photo 020eresized_zps52f2edb5.jpg

This was the day I was the most sick. I could barely stand up. Payson and Ember did everything they could to destroy as many things as possible while I would occasionally pass out on the couch. I tried my hardest to keep my eyes open but would wake up ten or twenty minutes after sitting down (usually with them) and they’d both be gone, doing something mischevious every time! This was the most mild of all the things they did and with my camera sitting right there on the camera I decided to snap a few pictures for the sake of the memory.  photo 008eresized_zps62453487.jpg

She was very pleased with herself playing in that water.  photo 014eresized_zpsc9d8ee6d.jpg

Ember has been telling me to “change Ember please” each and every time she’s gone potty in her diaper. Or she simply takes her diaper off and throws it away. I figured it was perfect timing to introduce her to a potty chair and the idea of going potty in there. I bought her some undies and explained things and showed her with her baby doll and the baby doll’s potty. I’m taking an extremely casual approach with her. That said, she thinks her potty chair and undies are fantastic presents and has been quite obsessed with both.  photo 038eresized_zpscd8df543.jpg photo 042eresized_zps13a9daa7.jpg photo 064eresized_zpsfcc3a9f9.jpg photo 066eresized_zpsf4bb813b.jpg photo 086eresized_zpsde9b5e9f.jpg

One day I insisted that Brooklyn sit calmly while some antibiotic ointment sat on her scraped toes. She’d used her feet (while wearing flip flops) to stop herself on her bike the day before when I wasn’t home. She told me that Allan had washed them but they were looking awful the next day. There was some puss and stuff so I cleaned her all up properly.

 photo 109eresized_zps284c92b2.jpg

While she played Mario the younger kids played with their dollhouse.  photo 125eresized_zps0773516c.jpg photo 129eresized_zpsfdafe524.jpg photo 144eresized_zps42a58f63.jpg

Payson found some goggles and wore them around. If I’m remembering correctly he was pretending they were his superhero glasses.  photo 166eresized_zps7a6a049b.jpg

Ember always wants to join in so she found some binoculars and used those.  photo 176eresized_zpsa6ea74b4.jpg

He looked so goofy!
 photo 185eresized_zps3c83e373.jpg photo 187eresized_zpsaa030c74.jpg

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