Hello Again!

You guys are sweet to worry about me. Thanks for the comments and emails.

I’m only assuming that most of you have guessed that I got pretty sick after the last post I published. The day after my last post I got the worst stomach virus of my life. Since then I’ve had a myriad of health problems sprout up and most of them aren’t things I’d enjoy blogging about. The one that kept me from blogging was a wretched case of carpal tunnel syndrome. Oh wow does that hurt!
I have been wearing a wrist brace and using ice packs to ease the pain. Allan’s been sweetly offering me nightly wrist/arm massages and thanks to his bringing me an ergonomic mousepad, I can finally blog again without pain!

I have loads and loads of pictures I want to catch up on posting here but after only three weeks it feels pretty awkward to jump back into blogging! But I think that’s exactly what I will do!

These first few pictures are some point and shoot snaps from a few days before I got sick.  photo 042eresized_zps545eb6d8.jpg photo 043eresized_zps81873954.jpg photo 044eresized_zpsc731b905.jpg photo 047eresized_zpsa481f2b8.jpg photo 050eresized_zpse598c463.jpg

I’ve been letting Ember’s bangs grow out and she’s been looking like Gollum’s adorable little sister lately.  photo 067eresized_zps01ab662f.jpg

These next two pictures were taken just before bedtime for the kids. They demonstrate nicely how much energy my children have. There is never a dull moment in my house. And almost never a quiet one, either.  photo 074eresized_zps4b9b76f3.jpg photo 076eresized_zps9b63951c.jpg

February and March are the nice months when you live in Arizona. With the nice weather we spend as much time outside as we can. This next picture is of Ember playing hide and seek with me.  photo 099eresized_zps6a297a85.jpg

She was running to hide.
 photo 113eresized_zps85d3c23c.jpg

Ember is still in love with jewelry of all kinds. She gets on kicks occasionally where she insists on wearing every single item of jewelry she can find and if you try to take a few off (like when you need to go on an errand!) she cries. I figure, they don’t really interfere with anything so why not let her wear what she wants? If she was dropping and losing them all over stores or parks all the time I’d stop letting her but she does good at keeping them on or asking me to put them in my purse when she takes them off.  photo 116eresized_zps4b76baa6.jpg

We’d gone to the library.  photo 152e2resized_zpsc1df82dd.jpg

The older girls and I spent a good hour putting together Valentine’s for their classes.  photo 087eresized_zpse3b0e11e.jpg

I took the younger kids to Fuddruckers for lunch one day.  photo 296eresized_zpsf6602861.jpg

Ember went for an onion ring. She reacted to the taste exactly how I guessed she would.  photo 302eresized_zpse8e30002.jpg

She later went on to eat several of them!
 photo 322eresized_zps530b0996.jpg

We spent a few dollars on the machines in the fun room. Payson and Ember rode the airplane a few times. They’d take turns being in the driver seat. This next picture was taken when it was Ember’s turn and she was frustrated because Payson had sat down right next to her on the driver’s seat (and there’s really not room for two) and she was telling him it was “Ember’s turn!”  photo 334eresized_zpsa5e88178.jpg

We got a Happy Bird stuffed animal from the claw machine game. Payson was over the moon about that! (doing his Spiderman spray as usual)  photo 350eresized_zps2a39affc.jpg

Me and my baby girl. I couldn’t love this child more than I do. I’ve said it a million times but she truly lights up my life!  photo 513eresized_zps5a58204b.jpg

I’ll end this super duper random post with this picture of my kids. This was taken the day after I got my stomach virus and was so ill… I gave the kids lunchables, applesauce, and milk for dinner. Based on how I could barely stand, I thought this was pretty great. So did they!  photo 574eresized_zps48f50fe9.jpg

3 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  • So good to “see” you again. Sorry to hear you have been so sick but glad you are on the mend. Will pray that the carpal tunnel gets better SOON!! Glad to have you back. 🙂

    ~~ Lisa D. in FLA ~~

  • I'm sorry you have been so sick. I can't imagine having to take care of 4 kids and be so sick, you are a trooper! I missed your blog, so I am glad you are feeling well enough to post a little. Hope the wrist feels better soon!

  • Yay! Glad to see you back! So sorry you were sick, though. The pics are great. Love the view out your window in the one of the girls at the table. Beautiful!

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