I Love My Kids!

I have about a million things I want to blog about! Next week should be a LOT more mellow than this week was and I’m hoping to catch up on my blog then!
For now I’ll just post this picture of my kids that makes me smile 🙂  photo 182eresized_zpsc5f1cd4d.jpg


The new rule is no kids can play with it since they broke it last time. Except Ember, since she is genuinely extremely careful with it and my gosh is it a fantastic distraction I let her use it. She LOVES the Teach Me toddler and Monkey Lunchbox apps.  photo 606eresized_zps6aa4a5a6.jpg

Taking a Walk with the Kids

I try to take a walk every day. The little kids love going on walks.  photo 551eresized_zps3dfa3ddc.jpg

I bring the stroller for when we walk along the busier road in our neighborhood. And for the last few minutes of the walk home since neither kid is in a great mood by then (wanting to stay outside all night!) and pushing them quickly home the last two blocks is better than standing there calling their names every five seconds and telling them to “just.keep.walking!”  photo 554eresized_zps1bfaa086.jpg photo 556eresized_zpsebaf570b.jpg photo 559eresized_zpsc0024d64.jpg photo 561eresized_zps7b174e50.jpg

Lately everything is a competition between the little kids. On walks Payson will start running as fast as he can and calls back over his shoulder to Ember, “I’m going to win!!” Which pisses her off and she cries or screams at him OR runs over to wear he is and insists she won. It doesn’t matter to her if she got there first, she’ll argue with him for twenty minutes that she won. It’s exhausting. Brooklyn and Sierra never fought like this! Here he was lining them up to race to me.  photo 582eresized_zps596d7276.jpg

We got to the busier road and Ember cried for about five minutes about having to ride in the stroller as we walked down it. I tried to tell her she could walk again by the tree (I pointed one out down the road) but she didn’t care.  photo 592eresized_zps4b7cc884.jpg

Yard Work

I’m glad the yard isn’t my job. I don’t like pulling weeds out of rocks!  photo 529eresized_zps8ff32ab1.jpg

With summer approaching and knowing we’re about to put our house back on the market, Allan has been out there tackling our overgrown, dead yard a lot the last two weeks. He brings a helper with him 🙂  photo 537eresized_zpsf4c18908.jpg photo 541eresized_zps0a0a8729.jpg

Running Errands as a Family

It’s been quite a while since we went on errands as a whole family. Usually Allan goes and sometimes takes one or two of the kids or I go and bring a kid or two. But I can’t even remember the last time our whole family went.  photo 475eresized_zps61b0c332.jpg photo 481eresized_zps0d91973d.jpg

We went to Best Buy to as about repairing my iPod. It took its last breath a few months ago thanks to Payson and his destructive ways. Turns out it’s fairly pricey to repair, it was all that much more to buy a new one so, we did. It’s my birthday present.
Allan and the girls danced to some music while they waited for me to decide what I wanted to buy.  photo 482eresized_zps3d633f72.jpg photo 489eresized_zpsf8a18d74.jpg

Thinking we’d only be in there a couple minutes to ask a question, I didn’t bother buckling Ember. Which meant she climbed out of the stroller a billion times or stayed in the stroller standing up.  photo 492eresized_zpsc7addb38.jpg photo 494eresized_zpsb61fae76.jpg photo 497eresized_zpsfb0859b9.jpg photo 501ereize_zpsdfa37078.jpg

Then we went to WalMart for some groceries. I know, we lead such a thrilling life 😉  photo 508eresized_zpseec5ca1e.jpg photo 510eresized_zps20d6c751.jpg photo 517eresized_zps89f553ca.jpg

More of that Rain!

It was raining, which you know, is my favorite thing ever. Payson asked if we could go outside which I said ‘of course!’ to.
But. It was cold. The wind chill was crazy that day. Buuurrrr. Not too cold to be outside for me, but definitely for the little kids. They were hilarious while outside though. Ember kept getting that little kid face when the wind blowed on her… where they catch their breath and their eyes open up huge? Haha, so cute!  photo 388eresized_zps749516e4.jpg photo 389eresized_zpscc1d1ea1.jpg photo 400eresized_zps5f1a74b3.jpg photo 401eresized_zpsd8ad4e0d.jpg

It was soooo windy and cold I decided to pick the girls up from the bus stop. I prefer picking them up anyway (because I’m overprotective) but they loooove when I let them walk home. I figured they wouldn’t enjoy walking in the cold. So off we went.  photo 407eresized_zpsa8728420.jpg photo 409eresized_zps031075ea.jpg photo 420eresized_zps0bf30879.jpg

When I spotted the girls getting off the bus I was glad I drove down. Sierra wasn’t wearing her sweater. Crazy girl. She said it’s because she just didn’t want to get it out of her backpack and she was really glad we picked them up!  photo 426eresized_zpse2957c65.jpg

We drove past a flooded area of the desert as we drove home.  photo 444eresized_zps11350cb5.jpg

Fun for Littles on a Rainy Day

It was a glorious, cozy, rainy day. The younger kids and I pulled out all of our fun little activities to play with while listening to the rain fall outside.  photo 245eresized_zpsbcc1e64b.jpg photo 250eresized_zpsfd3d68c5.jpg photo 275eresized_zps8891d274.jpg

My kids love playing with the bananagrams letter tiles.  photo 281eresized_zps8a4578bb.jpg photo 304eresized_zps3c0762d1.jpg

I took a few pictures of our sopping backyard.  photo 284eresized_zps3330e121.jpg

And the view past our back fence.  photo 291eresized_zpsc13e3e0e.jpg photo 293eresized_zps25383bc6.jpg

After quite a long time playing with those letter tiles we switched to threading beads.  photo 318eresized_zpsab9f31a6.jpg photo 335eresized_zpsfb2d5331.jpg

Payson was thrilled with the necklace he made. He still wears it occasionally as do the other kids.  photo 343eresized_zpsee511502.jpg

Watching the rain while mommy finishes cooking lunch.  photo 372eresized_zps62462268.jpg