The Funnest in the Messiest

Allan was cleaning up our bedroom on Saturday evening. It was messy. Very messy. He folded all the laundry. That was awesome.
Ember thought laundry made for a good pretend blanket while she pretend napped. Photobucket

And putting on socks is always a favorite of hers, even when she is already wearing tights. Photobucket

Just add some shoes and you’re all set. Ready to go out with your stylish self. PhotobucketPhotobucket

And she and I did go out. Just like that, with those Spiderman and Batman socks over her tights, to drive around until she fell asleep. Because she’d gotten cranky and also decided napping was not something she was willing to do. But the car said otherwise, the car said, “Sleep, Ember.” And within two minutes of being buckled into her older brother’s carseat, she did.

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